Wednesday, October 30, 2013

TOP 5 Best Female Halloween Costumes for 2013 !!!

Here are 5 greaaaat costume ideas in case you are still wondering what to be this year. 

Let's be original and....funny!!!

Miley Cyrus at the VMA's

This moment is a moment to remember!!! And we are not the only ones who thought about it... However, we couldn't resist as this is great costume and there's no better time to do it than this year when its still fresh in people's mind!!! :p


With our dominatrix "Fearlessly Sensual" New Collection, we just couldn't bypass the opportunity to dress as CatWoman. She is one of SACHIKA TWINS' all time favorite character. Notice how Michelle Pfeiffer Costume was intricate!!! Well none other than the famous Stockroom designed and made it. Talk about professionals! They actually do many of the Hollywood costumes. Here is their website==>

For more bondage, leather, straps, harness check out our blog post on where to get those accessories: HERE

 The Great Gatsby (flapper girl)
Another great movie in 2013 and such a great era, great theme. Romantic, glitz and glamour at the same time. Go to a vintage store and you can get great costume for a few bucks!!! The key here is great hair and makeup!!! Something every girl can do!

Ghost Bride

Everyone woman dreams of getting married no matter her marital status. How about a morbid twist to it by dressing up as Ghost bride? We looove this idea :p

Kim Kardashian at the METS

We love you Kim and God forgive us for making fun of your METS outfit but needless to say this was Fashion Police moment!!! Had to do it... :p

What other ideas do you have for 
Halloween costumes this year???

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