Sunday, May 10, 2009

Photoshoot with the 19th Hole Magazine in Orlando!!!

Wow, what an amazing job we have!!! lol
Everything about this photoshoot was AMAZING!!!
The hotel, the suite, the hotel staff, the people, golfing for the first time, the makeup artist, the photographer, the stylist...the pool, the hot weather, the sun, the palm trees.....
Never thought we would have loved golfing but we DO!
It was true paradise: getting work done while having fun.
I wished we would have stayed one more week!!!
And, yes did enjoy modeling our own clothes...that was different!
Orlando, we will be back!!

Check out the next issue of the 19th Hole Magazine!!!

19th Hole Magazine Photoshoot SACHIKA from cyril mahe on Vimeo.

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