Thursday, November 12, 2009


WELCOME BOYS! We love to keep our MEN looking GOOD!! So we thought of a few essential looks to keep the guys up-to-date and in the loop for this FANTASTIC fashion season!! The fashion pattern for this year seems to be an "anecdote of times" by which designers are taking elements from the 20th century and bringing them up to speed to the 21st century with a modern twist!


Our first trend is all about the chest cleavage, however it does come with a disclaimer and must be worn only and we mean ONLY if this disclaimer does not include those of you whose chests have seen smoother days! The DEEP V-NECK trend is the casual look for this season, but sorry for those of you who are more on the “furry side” this may not be the best look for you(feel free to move onto trend number two). For those of you with a hairless palette or are willing to invest in some hair removal, the Deep V can be found in t-shirts as well as button up cardigans. From softer to bold colors, this is one way to stay trendy for the New Year.


HELLO LIEUTENIT! That’s right! All your boyhood dreams of going into combat and kicking butt have finally come true! …Ok well not exactly, but now you can at least dress like one! Be at the frontline in this winter’s military styles. RIPPED, GOTHIC-ESQUE TROUSERS and COMBAT BOOTS are some ways to get this look. MILITARY JACKETS are a must and can range anywhere from a fitted blazer with metal buttons to a trench with an exaggereated collar.


The third trend on our list is a staple garment in every man’s wardrobe. We’re seeing many different styles of jeans this season and whether you’re a conservative dresser or more layed should be almost impossible for you to pick a jean that is not “in” at this moment. STRAIGHT-CUT, DARK WASHED DENIM can practically go with any style or pattern of shirt. These are a great pair of jeans for casual Fridays at work and for going out on a Saturday night. For those of you guys who like something with more of an edge, HEAVILY DISTRESSED DENIM has been seen all over runways this year. To get an “All-American” sexy rugged look, try cuffing these jeans and pairing them with a heavy boot.


PLAIDS are here to stay and we’ll be seeing even more of them especially as outerwear garments. PlAID JACKETS in dark grays and blues will help you stay warm while looking cool for this winter. Channel your inner lumberjack with plaid SHIRTS in wool and cotton. They look best when paired with a denim jean (any type of denim is fine) and the look can easily transition from work to play. However, stay away from plaids that resemble Christmas wrapping paper.. because that’ll definite be one present us ladies won’t wanna open!


Calling all husky men!! This trend should please you because the “manorexic” look for suits is out! The last few years, suits have been all about hiding portions rather then accentuating the positive and downplaying the negative. So kick the skinny boy look aside because men’s fashion is going back to classic suiting! To spot this modern masculine trend, keep an eye out for suits that have broad shoulders, a slim waist, and slim trousers. The THREE PIECE SUIT has been making its mark this year and is seen at its best when the color palette and fabrics are cohesive with one another. A DOUBLE BREASTED SUIT is another way to be subtle yet classic and are perfect for accentuating a man’s “V-Shape” figure which WE LADIES LOVE!!

Suit patterns

Remember to couple your classic suit cuts with classic patterns. HOUNDSTOOTH and PINSTRIPE are some patterns you’re probably already familiar with and can be found in almost any store. For those of you who are more adventurous, you may want to browse for patterns such as HERRINGBONE, GLENURQUHART, and ROPE-STRIPE which also are really classic cloth patterns making a come back.







Ok guys we’ve covered a lot of ground so far, but this next trend can make or break an entire look! Shoes are one of the most ESSENTIAL parts to completing any outfit! The shoe to be worn on the streets this year are defintely WORKER BOOTS. Following this whole military rivival trend were seeing, laced worker boots will boost your testosterone and give you that masculinity in shoes you’ve been searching for. And let’s face it..those pair of men’s Uggs aren’t screaming “tough guy“ like a pair of these leather bad asses would!

For a shoe that can be both casual and formal, ANKEL BOOTS are the way to go,. They are usually found with laces or elastic bands and can be worn whether you’re in a cubicle or out at the club. Note too, that both ankle boots and formal footwear should definitely have a square toe and be wider as opposed to a narrower round toe look. And remember, SNEAKERS ARE FOR THE GYM! Even if your hair’s done and your outfit looks tight, when us girls are scanning from head to toe the last thing we wanna see is a pair of raggedy Nikes at the bottom. Trust us.


It’s finally time to chuck all those dorky holiday sweaters your mother ever gave you! CHUNKY KNIT SWEATERS are the way to go! Fufill your needs for both style and comfort. A chunky knit is a bold enough statement on it’s own so keep the colors dark preferably in a darker green or midnight blue. A button up cardigan with this type of texture makes the chunk look even better. And for all you playboys, the SMOKING JACKET is not just a piece for sitting at home anymore, this type of jacket should be admire by an audience! The velvet material is eye-catching and will give you instant pimp status. Investing in one will keep you looking classy and young..just like good old Hugh Hefner.


Get clever in LEATHER this season! LEATHER JACKETS in camel and black are always a great go-to-piece and prove to be versatile for any style of taste. Investing in a leather jacket can be pricey, but it ‘s a tough material and can last you for years. Also, these jackets can be found in different weights ranging from heavy to light, that is depending on its lining. A lighter leather can be layered for the colder months and can last you into spring. Therefore saving you from buying two separate jackets for winter and spring.


If any of you are New Yorkers like us, we know the scarf is an ESSENTIAL ACCESSORY needed to survive those chilly nights of winter. Luckily for you men, no material has been spared and scarves this season are LARGER and LONGER than ever! Spice up a boring outfit with a scarf that is trendy, but still is tailored to your individualistic taste. Play with different color palettes along with prints…just make sure nothings too “matchy matchy”.


It’ s not just the clothes that are giving us déjà vu, it’s the HAIR TRENDS this season too. Hairstyles for men this year have been plucked from the past and brought to us today with a new modern twist. The “BRITISH ROCKER” is a look we’ve been seeing on the catwalks. This time around it’s a bit softer look and because of this it tends to emphasize the jaw line (and who doesn’t like a sexy chiseled pout on a man). If the “British Rocker” isn’t your thing, get another new look by taking a trip to old Hollywood. The SLICKED BACK, SIDE PART is in and can give any man a clean, sophisticated look. This hairstyle will have you feeling like one of the Rat Pack in no time