Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bun Soho: A Vietnamese Treasure in the Heart of Soho NY...

Bun Soho

On Valentine's Day, my twin sister and I decided to venture into a new spot after a long day's work at Bryant Park, NY Fashion Week. This is our first time spending Valentine's day together...! We figured we were both single so why not spend it together for once? romantic. This year Valentine's day also fell on The Lunar New Year. We both decided to wear red which is believed to bring luck in the Chinese/Vietnamese culture on the first day of the year. How cute! We were walking in Soho and saw a small cozy restaurant on Grand street at the corner of Lafayette. Bun Soho attracted our attention because it was all decorated in red on that evening. Inside, the entire restaurant had a warm energy, with tones of greens and reds, beautiful paintings all along the wall and a gorgeous well-equipped bar.

The table booths are perfect for romantic dinners, I would definitely recommend it for a date. Intimate and spiritual.

We ordered snow flower tea. It came in a glass pot and to our surprise, it was a real snow flower in the glass which slowly opened to make the best tea ever & 100% natural. Details do make a difference and just the tea alone blew us away.

Snow Flower Tea...delicious

Curious, we asked to speak to the manager to find out more about this amazing spot. The waitress, a friendly Caucasian twenty something woman, brought the Owner to our booth: Tony Lam. Tony is a witty Vietnamese/Chinese man with a great sense of fashion and a passion for art. What a good surprise, he was actually so excited to meet Vietnamese twins, so much that he sat down to have dinner with us....! Wow...Little that we knew, he walked us through each course, explaining how he came up with each recipe. that was a magical way to spend Valentine's day...! We were not only blown away by the great taste and the authenticity of each dish that was brought to the table but also but by the spiritual journey that Tony has been through. Our taste buds & ears traveled through time, space & continents on that evening.

The "Cha Gio Cua", traditional Vietnamese appetizer, imperial rolls made with vermicelli, king crab, pork, vegetables rolled, water chestnut rolled in rice paper then fried and dipped in the infamous fish sauce "nuoc mam" was a great indication of his knowledge in Vietnamese cuisine. Simply divine! Crunchy and full of flavors.

Cha Gio Cua

Everything is very tasty at Bun Soho.The grilled shrimp salad is a delicious toss of grilled Tiger Shrimps with mix greens, endives, pineapple, basil, fragment knotweed and a light lime dressing. So refreshing yet tasty.

Tiger Shrimp Salad

One of my favorite was the baby lamb chops with an eggplant & pear chutney sauce and anise: an explosion of flavors!

Baby Lamb Chops

Bun Soho is the perfect combination between authenticity and creativity. Tony takes Vietnamese cuisine to the next level adding his own touches here and there.And so I had an amazing "Threesome dinner" on Valentine's Day with my twin sister & Tony Lam, owner of Bun Soho....yummy...Makes us want to get back into the restaurant business.

Tony Lam, owner of Bun Soho

Bun Soho:
143 Grand Street & Lafayette street
Soho, NY

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