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Backstage/Behind the scenes of our Fashion Show at M2:

It's us, the twin designers of SACHIKA!!! To-Tam & To-Nya Sachika

The first of many more in in 2010...

Our First SACHIKA Fashion Show of year 2010 was PHENOMENAL!

Great collections, great venue, great cause, great crowd AND they were serving fruits with chocolate fondue all night long!!! Now that's an event:)

Our dear friend Debi Lee has been working with Minds Matter for years and years. She helped young adult get into college and today, some of the students she helped at the very beginning are graduating. (No she's not old, she just started young.) Debi recommended we do a fashion show at the annual soiree of Minds Matter this year. We were just thrilled to be able to showcase our collections and to help such a good cause! This was a fund-raising events and tickets were on sale between $75 and $150 per person, or$5000 for VIP tables. Congrats to Minds Matter, the event was sold out and they raised $222 000!!! Thanks Debi for the hook up!! MUUUAAAHHHH!!!

Our friend Debi Lee looking radiant as usual!! Photo by Marco Sagliocco

On March 11th, backstage of M2 was insane. Most people don't realize how many folks it takes to organize a fashion show. Picture this: 15 females models, 8 males models, 4 assistants, 7 makeup artists, 6 hairstylists, 3 stylists, 3 backstage coordinators, dressers, photographers, runners...ugh..We were about 50 people running around here and there, getting hair done, makeup done, getting fitted, styled, practicing the runway, mingling, lol, etc. It was a PRETTY ZOO =)

To-Tam & To-Nya of SACHIKA giving instructions during fittings. Photo by James Palmar.

Model David Allen gets touched up before hitting the runway. Photo by James Palmar

Model Laura Skemaite gets her makeup done. Photo by James Palmar.

Model Matthew Fox during fitting. Photo by James Palmar.

Model Tara Hall wearing the Butterfly dress and Barrington helping her. Love this photo! Photo by Marco Sagliocco.

Backstage Coordinator Lance Nguyen daydreaming ? lol. Photo by James Palmar

Models Justin, Keithen & Kevin lining up before the show.

Photo by Marco Sagliocco.

Twin Sachika Designers and all the female models. Photo by Fernando colon.

Twin SACHIKA Designers and all the male models in TUX by SACHIKA. 
We looove to be treated like queens....lmao!

M2 Ultra Lounge was absolutely packed! Not a single spare room but it made the show even hotter!!! 9h15pm the shows started first with our collection ready-to-wear for women Fall 2010.

Photo by Arthur Eisenberg

This Fall season, we opted for rich plum/deep raspberry,purples, dark greys, browns and blacks. Very sultry colors. The inspiration of the collection came from the quote " ACT LIKE A LADY, THINK LIKE A MAN". We haven't read the book from Steve Harvey yet but for some reasons, the quote resonated with us and was a source of inspiration for this collection. Feminine silhouettes but deep down these women think just like men. Hour-glass silhouettes yet with strong shoulders and dark colors. The modern woman is disciplined, focused and she works hard, just like women in the army. She can achieve anything she wants. Diana Manzanares and her team succeeded in giving the look that were were seeking for the collection: light eyes, long lashes, dark plummy lips, strong jaw line by using all products from Smashbox. Loved the makeup! Excellent job Diana. Grace Quinones and her team from The Traveling Stylists was in charge of the hair of the models. We were looking for something simple, long and soft curls to soften the strong look. And so we had 15 models strutting down the cross-shaped runway at M2. Looks after look, the models nailed it down. Bravo! Some of the dresses are already available on our website but most of the fall dresses will be available in selected boutiques in New York and on our website as of June 15th.
Here are the 15 looks:

Model Raeesha Salahuddin wearing the Katie dress. (she's got a killer walk!) Photo by Jerritt Clark

Model Lauren Waddell wearing the Angie dress. Photo by James Palmar

Model Brandi Mcloyd wearing the Darcey dress. Photo by Fernando Colon.

Model Terri Keng wearing the Kyla dress. Photo by Marco Sagliocco.

Model Megan is wearing the Eva dress. Photo by Jerritt Clark.

Model Safia wearing the Jasmine dress. Photo by Benny Lui.

Model Tara Hall wearing the Butterfly dress. Photo by James Palmar.

Model Laura Skeimate wearing the Bijou Denim dress. Photo by Marco Sagliocco.

Model Lorianne is wearing the Moon dress. Photo by Benny Lui

Model Ginger Stanley is wearing the Alisa dress. Photo by Marco Sagliocco

Model Ashley Rossi is wearing the Jennifer dress. Photo by Benny Lui

Model Tanyka Renee wearing the Fatale dress. Photo by Marco Sagliocco.

Model Beatriz Urena is wearing the Stacey dress. Photo by Benny Lui

Model Akimie wearing the Sarah dress. Photo by Marco Sagliocco.

Model Amina Ayinde from America's Next Top Model 2nd Runner up Cycle 12 is wearing the Amina dress. Photo by Marco Sagliocco

Supermodel Amina knows how to command the runway. We named the dress after her. Photo by Arthur Eisenberg.

And for the first time, we were SOOOOOO EXCITED to introduce a preview of our new label of "TRENDY BASIC T'S" called TUX by SACHIKA,( for men. Our line's name is "TUX" and is inspired from our first t-shirt that we created which was a combination of a tuxedo and a t-shirt. The pleating/seam details on the plain white t-shirt made it dressier allowing men to wear it either for a casual event or a semi-formal event. Our line is designed for the active man who enjoys the comfortable fit of a t-shirt but wants to stay fashionable. 8 male models were walking down the runway with 8 different styles of t-shirts, the Coco&Breezy shades were the cherries on top! Nice little touch. We must add it was an absolute DELIGHT to work with male models for the first time. These guys were nice, genuine, patient and they totally rocked our runway! Thanks to MSA Agency for providing us with such professional hotties =P.
All t-shirts will be available for purchase as of April 11th on our website: For pre-order or more info, you can join us on our TUX BY SACHIKA FACEBOOK FANPAGE: TUX BY SACHIKA

Here are the 8 t-shirts of our NEW LABEL: TUX BY SACHIKA

Model David Allen wearing the TUX1 T-shirt. Photo by Fernando Colon

Model Wayne Stephens wearing a T-REX T-shirt. Photo by Marco Sagliocco.

Model Justin Mcmanus wearing the SLIMEX T-shirt. Photo by Sherice Williams.

Model Ryan Friend wearing the SIMPLEX T-shirt. Photo by Marco Sagliocco.

Model Kevin Wiltz wearing the VEX T-shirt. Photo by Moises de Pena.

Model Matthew Fox wearing the ROX T-shirt. Photo by Fernando Colon.

Model Keithen is wearing the FLEX T-shirt.

Bryan Winston wearing the TUX2 T-shirt. Photo by Marco Sagliocco.

Photo by Arthur Eisenberg

Photo by Arthur Eisenberg

What a well-rounded event preceded by a the traditional glamorous red carpet.Here are some of the guests that attended:

Chaka Wilson from Parish-Nations & Aj Calloway from Extra TV. Photo by Jerritt Clark.

Project Runway finalist & Designer Epperson. Photo by Marco Sagliocco.

CEO Feam Group Flash Rodriguez. Photo by Marco Sagliocco.

Designer Epperson and Image Director Tai Chunn. Photo by Fernando Colon

Supermodel Amina Ayinde from America's Next Top Model wearing Sachika on the red carpet. Photo by Jerritt Clark.

Waiters and busboys were walking around with trays of delicious hors-d'oeuvres, open-bar from 730pm to 930pm, strawberry & champagne cocktails from 6h30-7h30pm...I don't think this event could have been any better. To top it off, the music was amazing. Both DJs, the one playing during the event and during the fashion show were DOPE.

We had to walk out with our Coco&&Breezy shades from our twin friends designers, these girls are simply the best! Photo by Arthur Eisenberg

Best moments for a Designer...Photo by Arthur Eisenberg.

Finale. Photo by Arthur Eisenberg

A fountain of chocolate fondue....Photo by James Palmar.

What else can we ask for?...Photo by James Palmar.

Full house!! Over 1500 attendees!!!

Here are the list of all the people who helped us during the show:
To-Tam Ton-Nu: Marketing Director/PRESIDENT OF SACHIKA
To-Nya Ton-Nu: Creative director/DESIGNER OF SACHIKA
Tai Chunn: Creative Director of the Fashion Show
S. Angelique Mingo: PR/Publisict from Sinala Noir Concepts
Lance Nguyen: Backstage Coordinator
Barrington Roberts: Assistant/Backstage Coordinator
Francine:Assistant/Backstage Coordinator
Kerensa:Assistant/Backstage Coordinator
Diana Manzaranes & team: Makeup Artist
Grace Quinones & team : Hair Stylist from the Traveling Stylists
Chelsea & Anthony: MSA Model Agency
Cyril-Mahe Nirosima: Media Coordinator
Mike JB: Videographer
DJ Lyle Quach: Fashion Show Music
Debi, Ayesha, Jill: Minds Matter staff
Coco&&Breezy: For those hot shades you see on the runway
Lion Wilson: Willey Knox Jeans
Arthur Cundy: Runway Helper
All male models
All female models
All press/media/bloggers/editors/photographers who covered the event
Smashbox: Makeup Supply
Michael Antonio: Shoes

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(Lighting makes it difficult to see the details on the shirt so they all look the same on this video lol)


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