Friday, May 28, 2010

Top 5 Men’s Summer 2010 Essentials !!

Fashion is not just a woman’s prerogative. We do want our men to look good too! This summer is all about looking cool and confident with your wardrobe so these are our Top 5 Male Items for Summer 2010 to help you out. This is all you need!


Boat Shoes

Boat shoes were originally created so they did not scuff the deck of a boat but this summer they have become a fashion necessity for men. These J.Crew Sperry Top-Siders have a broken in look to them for a perfect worn in look. Boat shoes are the perfect combination between comfy and classy.

Chace Crawford and Ed Westwick sport boat shoes on the set of Gossip Girl.

Kanye West has collaborated with Louis Vuitton to create a line of boat shoes. Shown here are one of six designs that he created with LV, which feature a clean white design constructed from premium leathers and a puffed heel for that extra something. Props to Kanye!! We love his designs; this white one is clean and crisp! These retail for $805.00.

Kanye West White Boat Designs for Louis Vuitton.


Seagrass Trilby Hat

A hat is no longer just to shade you from the sun but a key piece in your ensemble. Vintage, fedoras, country style, outback, newsboy, and such are a must for this hot summer. Seagrass Trilby Hat from J. Crew is perfect for looking stylish and keeping cool in the blazing summer heat.

Zappos has a great selection of hats:

Zac Efron looks outright trendy wearing his straw fedora in LAX.

Brad Pitt in his straw Fedora hat

Here's where you can find Straw Fedora's hats:


Ray Bans Classic Aviators

Why fix something that isn’t broken? The Ray Ban Aviators are classic and can give you that perfect look of attitude.

Brad Pitt loves his Ray Ban aviators and can be seen wearing them on many different occasions.


Blue Button-Down Military Shirt

Light blue shirts are everywhere this summer and good news is you probably have a few in your closet! As should military style clothing. A blue military button-down cover’s both those looks. This indigo Burberry Brit Chambray Shirt is perfect for a casual and stylish look this summer.

Jay-Z wears this blue Balmain crest button-down out in Miami.

If you don't have light blue shirt (that would be hard to believe) the white basic tee is a sure bet this summer...and why not a crispier version such as a TUX by SACHIKA t-shirt. These shirts are a spin on basic v-neck tees which should be a staple item in any man’s wardrobe and can be dressed up or down for whatever style you are going for.


Straight-legged Jeans (no more baggie jeans guys!!!)

This pair of
Levi Onyx jeans is a great value! Slimmer fitting jeans like these are great for men this season for an old-school casual look. Besides gentlemen, straight-legged jeans do make you look taller and will give you more of a V-shape body type. Tips: do not get them too tight!

Rob Pattinson rocks his skinny jeans with plaid and leather.

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