Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Looking fabulous is not just a reflection of your clothes and accessories but your hairstyle too and this season is all about braids, braids, braids! I’m not talking about just a simple braid trailing down your back. Now there are HOT new ways to rock a braid. Different braid styles can be perfect for all sorts of occasions from a simple day out shopping to a glamorous night on the red carpet, and they work for all types of hair from thick and curly to straight and wispy. Go all out high fashion with these 7 braid styles for Spring/Summer 2010!

Lauren Conrad loves braided hairstyles and almost always can be seen sporting some sort of braid in her hair. Here she goes for a tiny headband braid to keep her hair out of her face while still looking stunning.

Gorgeous Jessica Alba goes for a more elegant and formal braided up do. This style looks classy without taking away from her flashier earrings and dress.

Zoe Saldana goes with a simple, messy side braid for a flirty and casual look. This style is very easy to accomplish and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

Nicole Ricci wears her hair in a milkmaid style braid around the back of her head. The braid adds an extra touch to a simple up do for an innocent feminine look.

Kate Hudson takes the French braid to another level by wearing it at an angle. The braid starts with a side part and wraps down and around to the opposite side of her head.

Rachel Bilson’s braided look is more on the Bohemian side. She keeps her hair down in soft waves with a tiny braid pinned back on each side.

Leona Lewis also rocks a braid but hers is a fishtail. Be careful not to start your fishtail braid at the top of your head though. It looks best starting from right around the ears for a messy but classy side braid style.

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