Thursday, June 3, 2010

Be A Fashion "Print-cess"!!!

Princess To-Nya Sachika hehehe (RIGHT)

Princess To-Tam Sachika LOL (LEFT)

Did you know?!

Our last name TON-NU is a royal family name in Vietnam.
The male version of the name is TON-THAT. That means we would be princesses if we were living in Vietnam and few centuries back! hehe
That's right gentlemen, we want the ROYAL treatment! Chivalry is a big TURN-ON!

For now, let's help other ladies become princesses!:)


Go for the gold...and floral, and stripes! This season is all about patterns. You can simplify the look by pairing a bold pattern with a neutral piece or you can go all out glamour and follow this season’s style of pairing two different prints together. This look can get tricky so be careful not to get carried away with it or you’ll end up looking like you got dressed in the dark. Here are some ways the celebrities turned themselves into fashion “print-cesses”.

Victoria Beckham pairs her vibrantly printed dress with solid colored boots for a more conservative version of the pattern trend but the bold colors still help her stand out looking fabulous in a crowd.

Ashley Tisdale plays it safe by pairing her bold floral patterned, reasonably priced H&M dress with a neutral black jacket and simple black shoes.

Rihanna goes a step further with the pattern trend in her Rude Boy video by pairing an energetic geometric pattern with a more subtle pattern of a single striped top.

An affordable way to capture this look can be done with American Apparel. Pairing geometric stripes with a metallic bronze print is subtle yet captivating.

Sarah Jessica Parker goes all out and mixes a striped sweater over a skirt with a floral paisley vibe. While some could think this style is a bit much, it works for her as her outfit has an overall black base and she pairs patterns of different mediums. The simple stripes seem to balance out the larger, more colorful pattern on her skirt.

For an affordable mixed prints look, try this style from Forever 21. It may seem extreme but the yellow base color ties both pieces together for a fun and lively style.

So step out of the box this summer with bold patterns. And don’t be scared to mix them for this exciting new trend!

Rapper Consequence & To-Nya Sachika at "The Eldridge". To-Nya is wearing the Aline dress in PRINT

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  1. 找一個懂妳的人也期許自己做一個人懂別人的人..................................................

  2. great blog and great new background!!!

  3. Love ittttt...i def want to be a "print-cess" this summer !!!

  4. Glad u girls enjoy it!!! Thank you!! Love prints