Friday, June 25, 2010

Mary J. Blige celebrates with John Wall for the NBA Draft Celebration

Last Night yours truly hit Greenhouse one of NYC’s hottest spots this summer. It was our good friend Miss Jhane’s BIRTHDAY!! For those who don’t know, Miss Jhane is an amazing R&B Singer/Songwriter with incredible talent. Born and raised in Montreal Canada, Miss Jhane was no stranger to the stage as she was once part of the best step-dancing crew ‘GODS OF RHYTHM’ with whom she toured with earl on in her life. She later moved to Brooklyn, New York where she now shares her talent through different venues in the Manathan, Brooklyn and Harlem areas. She has been in brooklyn venues such as , Black Veteran for Social Justice reunion, Flatbush Family Festival, Panama Festival, Queens and Kings of New York Pageant. She is an inspirational individual and we are so happy to know her. Also out celebrating Miss Jhanes Birthday was our close friend Mz. Berry who most of you will recognize as the winner of Vh1 ‘For the Love of Ray J.’ and of course our blog!

Located in the heart of Tribeca, Greenhouse is guaranteed an amazing time with great bottle service, guest celebrity DJ’s such s SCRAM Jones and of course the fabulous people.

Mary J. Blige at Greenhouse

Last night was no exception; in attendance was Mary J. Blige and NBA draft pick John Wall looking fabulous and sitting in VIP with us!

Mary J. Blige shouting out in the DJ booth at Greenhouse

Cindy Breedlove,To-Tam SACHIKA, Miss Jhane, To-Nya SACHIKA, MZ Berry

Mary J. Blige shouting out in the DJ booth at Greenhouse

Miss Jhane and Cindy Breedlove

SACHIKA twins and friends!

Spotted Mary J. Blige in VIP with the SACHIKA twins

Mary J. Blige in VIP at Greenhouse

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Miss Jhane
Mz Berry


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