Sunday, June 20, 2010


Our dad: Mr. Ton-That Luong aka TOP CHEF TY

He has a golden heart, a devilish look in his eyes and principles of steal. Everything he touches turns into gold, he's an amazing artist, top chef, the best cook ever! He has talent, so much brain, amazing qualities and of course his own flaws.

But he's our DADDY!!! &.....We loooooove him to death!

Our father, of Vietnamese decent, carries the royal blood. His name is Ton-That Luong ( nickname is Mr. Ty). Notice, in Viet Nam, the last name goes in front of the first name. Daddy grew up in the center part of Vietnam called HUE. That region of the country is known to have the thickest accent, the most distinct food dishes and exquisite women. Talking about women, our father is a total WOMANIZER! He is a charmer, a ladies'man LOL (We really hope those days are gone! *ahem!!! He's still with our mom!!-). Being the WOMANIZER that he's always been, he swears to us that men only want one thing from women. Of course, having that mentality, leads him to think that all men are JERKS. Therefore, our father is VERY PROTECTIVE, OVER protective. Any man that wants to be with any of us must go through him. Oh well, no one has passed the test YET. He has never approved none of the boys & of course that was the source of lots of drama. Let's save this topic for another blog post.LOL

So yup, any guy who ever dared approaching us was sure to get his dose of #$#%#^%&^#$^#ass whoopping! ( We can still recall the time he caught us talking to this boy at 14 years old,...poor him, our father ran after him with a sushi knife and called the cops on him for sexual harassment! LOL). Everyone heard about it and we were labeled " the twins with the psycho DAD!" Thank God we now live in NY and that label has gone down the drain...!

He encountered many women in his life, broke many hearts and yes, only decided to settle down with...OUR MOTHER, 11 years younger, daughter of a wealthy/ renowned family in VietNam/owner of all the VAN HOA cinemas. My mother has only been with one man in her life - my father! WOW =P

Our Parents, happily married for over 25 years :)

To most people, it seems as if we grew up under the "kingdom of Hitler". Growing up, we had to go through very disciplined and harsh daily regimens. We attended private schools from age 6 up until 17 years old(catholic all girl schools). And every single day, he drove us to school and came to pick us up in his white BMW. (We hated that, couldn't we just take the subway like all the other kids? lol) After school, we had to go to our parents' restaurant and all the 6 kids would help out. It was a family affair, always been like that with us... Keep the $ in the Needless to say we grew up cleaning, bussing tables, hostessing, cooking (and yes we're pretty damn good), waitressing, bartering, yes we did it all. "Money doesn't come easy" he always said. Every weekend, it was time for Classical Piano lessons ( I begged my teacher to trade for vocal lessons instead) swimming classese, tennis lessons, Tae kwon do & kung fu lessons, classic ballet training, chess club. We had to do it ALL and...well. The daughters of Mr. Ty had to be the number 1 in everything they do, Not number 2. Number 1.

Yes we went to Private School...=)

Lan-Vi, To-Tam, Tra-My, To-Nya

Boy....were we not petrified of my father growing up!!!!....A single stare from him - the stare of death as many would describe- and we were all mortified.

As afraid as we used to be of him, today we totally see him as a friend. My father- being a hot tempered person that he was, calmed down over the years and yes, he is not as dreadful as he used to be! lol (God bless..)

The 4 sisters 15 years later all grown up: Lan-Vi, To-Tam, Tra-My, To-Nya

Our Father has the best heart - a golden heart! He is an amazing father & would do anything for any of us. He's the BEST father ever and we thank him for being harsh on us growing up..because boy, it prepared us for the worst! And now, we're READY!

He has taught us to be strong, independent, hard worker & to always strive to be the very BEST in everything we do. And most importantly, he said: " You have to be your own BOSS"...and so...WE ARE...=)

Happy Father's Day!!!

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