Monday, August 16, 2010

SACHIKA TWINS attend RIHANNA's Tour After Party at Greenhouse with friends

Rihanna at Greenhouse on Thursday August 12th, New York

On Thursday August 12th, Pop sensation & Fashion Icon Rihanna came to Greenhouse to host her afterparty following her concer at MSG. We didn't get to see her perform but a friend of ours attended her concert and said: "she rocked the stage like a Rock Star & she's sooo sexy!!" Rihanna definitely has the IT factor. There are some stars that you meet and it just  feels like anybody else. Rihanna has a strong presence...She's tall & she commands the room when she enters. We love the dress she was wearing which looks exactly like it could be a dress straight from the SACHIKA collection :P

Sharri Jones  and Marcus Blassimgame
Model Marcus Hill
Sherry Joyner ( Right) and friend
Ellaina, Andre and Brianna
Sharri, Marcus and To-Nya Sachika
Pop Sensation Rihanna
Singer Miss Jhane
Akimie, Marcus, To-Tam, Talib, Brucling, To-Nya,  Barry, Robot & Sharri
Hot style!
Our PA Barry rocks the couches!
Model Akimie!
Brooke :)
Carlos, To-Tam, To-Nya, Brucling & Miss Jhane

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  1. You girls look like you know how to party HARD!! LOL & look at "Barry" hahaha he's funny :)
    Rihanna was looking purtty sexcii as always! && that dress DID IN FACT LOOK LIKE A SACHIKA dress!!! OMIGOD !! God Bless you Guys <3