Sunday, September 19, 2010

SACHIKA TWINS & Coco make history during NYFW Spring 2011

Who would have imagined that a simple - but daring,- yes DARING dress along with a beautiful A** would have concocted an international commotion in the world of fashion!?...

Voted the most daring dress of NYFW !!

Coco kills the SACHIKA runway 9.14.10 in NY
 Photos by Jerritt Clark/ WireImage

The Fashion World wasn't ready for this moment yet...Last week, we made a dress to suit the beautiful glamour/fitness model Coco, Wife of rapper/actor Ice-T for our runway show themed- " The Vietnamese Princess in Paris" during NYFW by Style360. After all, we pride ourselves for not only being able to create Ready-to-Wear beautiful, fresh and wearable designs, but also for designing made-to measure attires. We want to listen to our client's needs, to understand their style, to complement their body type and to bring out their personality and best assets.

Coco is a beautiful woman inside -out. She distinguishes herself out by knowing exactly what she wants and exuding an utter confidence- a SACHIKA confidence. When we decided to bring on 17 public figures to grace our runway, our goal was to demonstrate that we truly don't just design for the model body type - that stick-thin figure that is all over the runway shows. Women in their 20's- 30's, 40's and 50's as well as petite, rounded, voluptuous, top heavy, pear-shaped, tall, athletic walked our show. These strong women all had one common factor : CONFIDENCE, that strong aura, the best asset a woman can carry with her next to a radiant smile and an amazing personality:)

Coco came in for fittings twice before the show. Right when she came in, we had the Bella dress in our minds for her for the show.  This royal blue/purple double wool knit fitted dress with mesh combo matches perfectly her long, cascading blond hair and blue eyes. The BELLA dress is the ONLY dress Coco tried on for the show and if fitted her like a GLOVE. She requested a little modification to the back to showcase her -AHEM*** AMAZING ASSet...We thought: "She's confident & she's comfortable showing off her body & she's a bad ass so...why not ?!?" 

And so, the BUTT CLEAVAGE dress was created!

Also, may we specify that we had to touch  her infamous "BUTT" to fit the dress and all we can say is "it feels and looks damn REAL!.." After the second fitting with the modification, coco tweeted "Had a fitting...Dress is hot!" meanwhile we retweeted our publicist: " RT Awesome Fitting W @cocosworld For NYFW @SACHIKATWINS. Coco Is Going To Rock The SACHIKA Runway. Hope you're there to see 9.14.10"!

To-Tam Sachika had to dig in"It feels very REAL to me!! " To-Tam
To-Tam putting double-sided tape to hold the dress minutes before the runway show. NYFW 9.14.2010

On the day of the show, Coco came out bouncing her hips confidently  on the runway in the modified Bella dress, edgy, sexy and ultra-fitted. She rocked the  runway look just like a pro: high up-do with braids to the front, light makeup with heavy eyeliner with cuff and earrings by Clara Kasinova & shoes by Christian Louboutin. The 825 guests gasped, whistled & clapped unanimously as Coco revealed the back of her dress as well as her "BUTT CLEAVAGE".!! This was an unforgettable moment...teheheheh :) When the world saw Coco walk the SACHIKA S/S 2011 runway show, she literally made this statement: " I got the body and the confidence, I want to flaunt it! " Coco- You shut it down!!!  Now that's confidence & that is a true SACHIKA WOMAN!

 Coco killing it on the SACHIKA TWINS NYFW S/S/ 2011 runway show
Photo by Thomas Concordia

Photo by Moises De Pena  

A picture is worth a thousand words! WORD!!!
Photo by Moises De Pena 

The modified Bella dress for Coco
Photo by Moises De Pena

Coco ripped the runway!....A moment in time that The Fashion World and Entertainment will never EVER forget...!

Your SACHIKA TWINS along with COCO have just created a fashion worldwide new trend: BUTT CLEAVAGE !!!!!!!!!

Oh La La!
Photos by Thomas Concordia

SACHIKA TWINS at the grand finale
 To-Tam Sachika (L) and To-Nya SACHIKA (R)
photo by Patrick Neree

SACHIKA TWINS at the grand finale
 To-Tam Sachika (L) and To-Nya SACHIKA (R)
photo by James H. Bluck

To-Tam Sachika, Coco and To-Nya Sachika
8.20.2010 SACHIKA Fall 2010 Fashion Show 
Photoby Charles Norfleet

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