Thursday, October 21, 2010

Kim Kardashian's 30th Birthday @ Tao Las Vegas & Tao New York

 Ciara & Kim at Tao New York for her Pre-Bday
She's wearing a dress from Designer Georges Chakra

Happy Bday to Kim Kardashian!
  Kim hits 30 the big 3-0 today October 21st!

Kim celebrated her pre-day last week at Tao in Vegas. They must really pay her well since she celebrated her pre bday party at Tao last year as well...! Get money girl!

Do you like the dress she's wearing? HOT OR NOT?
The dress is from Designer John Richmond.


Kim and a great profile shot of her famous derriere....!

The Kardashian Women: Kris, Khloe, Kim & Kourney

Today's photo from her Twitpic account: "UH-OH THE BIG 30!!!!"

Kim Kardashian also twitted: " Why does everyone call it the Dirty 30? It's the flirty 30 to me! LOL "

Here's a clip from her bday party at Tao In Vegas last week

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Does Kim look 30? What do u think?


  1. She is so beautiful. Sometimes she does look her age but most of the time i think she looks pretty young, but who cares when you look like that! She is stunning.

  2. LOVE that first dress on her.

  3. Will we be seeing Kim in SACHIKA?

  4. Kim looks hot! Happy 30th Birthday! Next year she'll be celebrating in a SACHIKA Dress!!!!!!

  5. beautiful Kim!1 shes def a PARTY ANIMAL...SACHIKA R0XX :) !1