Thursday, October 14, 2010

SACHIKA'S Sexiest Halloween costumes

Halloween is almost here and we couldn't be anymore excited for it. We have not quite yet decided on what crazy outfits we will be creating for ourselves, but here are some sexy Halloween costumes you will definitely be seeing out on the streets this year.

1. Cat Woman
Cat woman is a classic when Halloween time comes around, but it is definitely one of the sexiest costumes to choose from. Every woman has an inner tiger they they want to release. Here's an excuse!

2. Geisha
We actually like this dress as an outfit. A geisha is a super sexy costume without really having to get too many pieces making it complicated to get ready.  It's every man's dream to have a GEISHA WOMAN: one that can please you and  fulfill all your needs & fantasies~!

3. Avatar
Avatar was the hit movie this year so it is no doubt that many people will be using this as a costume for Halloween. This costume will be extremely tricky to pull off because it involves so many different pieces and extensive makeup but if done correctly this would look super hot! Or you can simply do it the ultra sexy way by working with an artist and try BODY PAINTING!!..huuummmm:P if you dare!

4. Gypsy
The Gypsy costume is another type of classic costume when Halloween time comes around but is still super sexy. Halloween time is a chance for the SACHIKA woman to step away and let loose and just have fun. Being a little adventurous, & mysterious...!  Unleash your powers!

5. Harry Potter/ Sexy Teacher
The Harry Potter costumer is like a blend of sexy, nerdy, teacher with magical powers costume. Who wouldn't want to walk around with a cape and a wand? Every man loves a SEXY NERD...!

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  1. Gypsy is my favorite. SUPER SEXY

  2. cat woman will always be the sexiest halloween costume.

  3. Avatar would be sick if you painted your whole body. Alot of work but could be really cool! I think i might try it. Thanks!

  4. Thanks for the ideas! super sexy!