Friday, October 29, 2010

What to Wear Today

We could not be any more excited that the seasons are changing and its starting to get colder. Fall is a time where fashion becomes most prominent, allowing people to explore and experiment with their clothing. When we woke up this morning we were extremely cold so we are going to create a look that involves some layering and falls into the earthy muted color story. This is a look that the SACHIKA woman can wear by day or night, for work and play.... looking her best at all times of course. 


1.) Louboutins Pumps

Bibi Suede Platform Pump

Louboutins are the perfect "go to" for a pump shoe. These suede platform pumps in tan are great for the fall and would look great with a black pair of tights. 

2.) Chanel 

Chanel has timeless style and this clutch shows it off to the fullest. We chose the sage color because it is great for the fall season and works great with this earthy tone pallet we are creating for the look. 

3.) The Sissy 

The Sissy 
coming soon to

The Sissy SACHIKA dress is unique and sexy yet can be paired with tights and look very classy and elegant. 

4.) Wavy Hair nd Natural Makeup 

As for hair and makeup a nice classic natural look is best. Light Brown on the eyes and a nude lip with a rosy pink cheek looks sexy and elegant without doing too much. Hair let loose with natural waves looks super sexy and polished. 

5.) Shades

Every SACHIKA woman needs a great pair of shades in order to complete the glamorous walk down the block. It is a necessity! We carry around our own designer shades with us at all times. Below are the Tom Ford cat eye shades that are super trendy and classy for any type of woman. 

Tom Ford "NIKITA"Cat Eye Sunglasses

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What's your favorite fall trend necessity?


  1. Im in love with the tom ford shades!!

  2. This combination of designers is fantastic!

  3. Classy, Sexy, Feminine....

  4. Super hot ! Love your girls style

  5. Love the Sissy Dress! I also saw it in black on elle from fashion week. SUPER CUTE

  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE all the PICKS there are totally worth getting. Love the shoes there are a great buy to match up with utilitarian look like the 5 best pick for GUYS!!!!