Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Where do HOT Bachelors and Bachelorettes hang in NYC? HERE!

Your SACHIKA TWINS decided to put together what would be the ULTIMATE SOCIAL EVENT for HOT SINGLES in NYC! 

By **HOT** we mean sophisticated, successful, sexy & SACHHHIKAAA!!!!!

No strings attached, no commitment, nothing to lose!

On Friday October 29th, we will provide you the tools to:


The rest, we leave it up to you! Wink* 

 Working in the hustle and bustle in NY, it is often hard to meet quality and good-will people. All of us are busy, grinding to make it to the top. After all, NYC is an opportunity land where dreams do come true with endless possibilities. SACHIKA is not only a designer label, it is a movement that promotes a healthy, holistic and balanced lifestyle. As much as we are all trying to move up in our career, we should always allocate some time for personal growth,  friends, family, leisure, health, fitness and of course LOVE! Everything and anything is possible when you have the right mind set! The LAWS of ATTRACTION work in miraculous ways so do believe in it and do apply it!

See you this coming FRIDAY October 29th 2010 at the TRIBECA GRAND HOTEL at 11pm for an unbelievable evening of new beginnings and old re-connections! 1st impression is key so....rock out your BEST SMILE!

To add your name to the guestlist or invite friends who might benefit from this event, please email names to: rsvp@sachika.com

Don't Forget!


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Where did you meet your mate?!



  1. my true love wait me!!

  2. Going to be a super sexy event. great idea!

  3. where the Sachika men at?!?!