Friday, November 5, 2010

Kelly Osbourne as Coco on the SACHIKA runway for Halloween Fashion Police Episode

On October 29, 2010 Fashion Police on E! Entertainment aired its best episode yet. They had a special episode on Halloween were all the hosts chose their favorite celebrity personality and dressed up as them for Halloween. Joan rivers chose Snooki from Jersey Shore, Giuliana Rancic was Rachel Zoe, George Kotsiopoulos was Justin Bieber and Kelly Osbourne was none other than Coco on the SACHIKA runway looking super fabulous !!!

This show was hysterical!

YES, we shipped our famous "COCO" dress featuring the " BUTT CLEAVAGE" to E! Entertainment to "authentify"  the "COCO on the SACHIKA runway" look on Kelly Osbourne! To top it off, they had Kelly with the same hair-do as the look we had for our runway show => GOOD JOB E!

Kelly Osbourne lost SO MUCH weight, it is unbelievable and she looks stunning in our dress! She is now a size 2!!! Congratulations Kelly on your new body! You look radiant, classy and so SEXXYYY  in our " COCO" dress! :)

WOW! SACHIKA and Coco not only made history with the BUTT CLEAVAGE dress during NYFW, our SACHIKA dress is now a HALLOWEEN COSTUME! That's DOPE!!!

Do you think Kelly Osbourne did a good job dressing up as Coco on the SACHIKA runway?!?

Coco on the SACHIKA runway on September 14th 2010
Photo by Jerritt Clark/ WireImage

Back view of Coco on the SACHIKA runway on September 14th 2010
 Photo by Jerritt Clark/ WireImage

Did you know that our " Coco" dress is our number 1 seller right now?! 
YES,  the " BUTT CLEAVAGE" is now a trend....!
Do them SQUATS ladies! wink*

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WAIT until you see our next blog with your SACHIKA TWINS dressed up for Halloween! :)

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  1. I'm huge fan of Coco and I think Kelly looked hot in that blue dress!

  2. Kelly should have showed her butt cleavage too!

  3. WOW!! COCO'S ASS is way smaller than Kelly Osbournes :) but she can rock SACHIKA!!