Saturday, November 20, 2010


As you all may have already seen,  your SACHIKA TWINS have finally gotten branded for life with the SACHIKA logo. We have always been very skeptical about getting a tattoo and weary about the whole idea of having something permanent inked on our bodies. But with SACHIKA , we are certain to never have a change of heart!

"SACHIKA is our label and our life, we created the brand from the ground up and it is our baby. SACHIKA is forever and everything we stand for, so we couldn't think of anything better for a tattoo."                                                               - SACHIKA TWINS

The story of how it all happened is actually pretty funny. We didn't plan to get a tattoo or anything... It just happened on the spur of the moment, much like a lot of things in our lives. We were visiting a friend of ours and he happened to be getting a tattoo at the time.  We jokingly asked to the  tattoo artist , Gus Gacia, "Can we get a tattoo too?"  and he quickly replied " Of course! What do you want?!" And as a joke we said, "Yeah let's get the SACHIKA logo!".  LOL...We immediately looked at each other and thought (in sync) "How perfect!" . After debating for an hour and over-thinking the process, we decided to GO FOR IT!!!!! LOL....It was a very eventful evening!

So...on November 1st 2010, the SACHIKA TWINS got BRANDED for Life!!!

We really could not have chosen a better tattoo to represent us. We got the tattoo right behind our ear, To-Nya on the left and To-Tam on the right.  After all, we are mirror twins! Let's mirror our tattoos!

Gus Garcia did an amazing job with the detailing. With a very small tattoo, it is very hard to get it exactly perfect, but ours is just right! THANK YOU GUS!!!

To-Nya's Left Tattoo

To-Tam's Right Tattoo

We love our tattoos!  Gus truly did an amazing job! Gus is a tattoo artist from Orlando Ink Tattooz and is a talented artist. Everyone should go to him for all of your tattoos needs!

Watch the moment of truth when To-Nya's get BRANDED for LIFE!!!

To-Tam Sachika, Tattoo Artist GUS GARCIA and To-Nya Sachika

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  1. perfect spot for tatto. great idea. classy and elegant jus tlike you two.


  3. Great tattoos girl. I'm still amazed that you did one!!

    You already know about my GOD'S FAITH tattoo...

    But NOBODY knows the real meaning. Each letter from my tattoo means something that only me and the Lord.

    Yay #teamtattoo :)

  4. i've been trying to convince my twin sister to get the same ink done as me, but shes being stubborn hah. i just think shes scared! <3

  5. You girls should both do it!!! Twins rock!!! lol

  6. IM gettin!! mines tonite!

  7. it looks BEAUTIFUL i love dad did such a great job!