Thursday, November 4, 2010


Ok Guys!!!

Thank you for taking the time to write us your are the answers  to Nov. 2nd 2010 TMI Tuesdays!

1)Whats the main difference between you two?

To-Tam: Righty, beauty mark on left cheek.
To-Nya: Lefty, beauty mark above left eye

2) Do you ladies like the same men?

The description of our ideal man is very similar BUT somehow, we've NEVER liked the same guy....EVER....Thank GOD!!!... and let's just keep it that way! LOL

3)whats your favorite sex position? 

To-Tam: LOL it depends; I go with the flow of the moment..
To-Nya: It depends on the chemistry we share at the moment....

4)what can we expect next for SACHIKA? 

You can expect SACHIKA doing more than clothing. We are venturing into accessories, shoes, tv, music...and so much more!

5)Have you guys ever tricked people and traded places for a day? 

We tried to trick our teacher and classmates once in elementary school! It was funny...the teacher didn't know but our close friends all knew!

6)Are you ladies both single? .....Looking? 

We are both single. We're open to meet someone special:)

7) Would you guys hook up with a girl? 

We can appreciate a woman's beauty...and we've already kissed with our girlfriends back in the days ( college crazy days! lol) but that was it!! We are both 100% straight!

8) If you could be any super villain who would it be? 

To-Tam: Catwoman (she isn't really a villain anymore lol)
To-Nya: Poison Ivy

9)Name one thing that turns you on

To-Tam: Talent. I'm attracted to talent.
To-Nya: Talent...A man who is really good at what he does turns me on! ;)

10)Describe your sexual fantasy in 10 words or less

To-Tam: True Love. All my fantasies should be fulfilled with TRUE Love. (sounds cheesy huh lol)
To-Nya:  Sharing tender moments with someone special whom we have a deep connection, strong feelings & amazing chemistry. ( I know it's more than 10 words! )

11) Where do you like to travel? 

To-Tam: I'd love to travel overseas and see all the wonders of the world..Asia including Vietnam where our parents are from would be amazing.
To-Nya: There are so many places I'd like to visit. Traveling is definitely one of my passions. I'd love to go everywhere at least one...LOL...But let's start with VietNam, Japan, Greece, Australia, Thailand and Brazil.

12) Where can I buy your clothes? 

You can buy them online at or visit our showroom in Chelsea New York as well as a few stores in NY & New Jersey.

13)Do you go to sex Shops?

To-Tam: I've been twice in my life. Not a customer.
To-Nya: My ex bf made me go a few times with him....Let's just say that I'm not a regular at all!

14) What is your fantasy dream date? 

To-Tam: I think it really depends on who I'm with. If I'm not feeling him no matter what we do & where we are, I probably won't enjoy it as much as with someone I have a strong connection with, everything is just so more fun with someone I like. Something original & out of the ordinary (not typical restaurant/drink/movie) could be more memorable. I like adventure!! :p
To-Nya: I like the unknown, the new and the different! The perfect date would be like an adventure.... it could be a road trip, rock climbing, sky diving...A date where we can get to know each other at different levels, laugh & live strong emotions together!

15) Will you guys be coming out with accessories anytime soon?

Yes SACHIKA jewelry in the making as we speak., Stay tuned :)

16) Where are you guys from? 

We were born in Paris, grew up in Montreal, Canada. We are now based in New York.

17) what is your favorite cocktail 

To-Tam: It changes all the time I don't like to eat /drink the same things all the time lol.. I do like Bailey's on the rock, Patron Cafe, Patron Marguarita with Salt, Amaretto Sour..(sweet drinks low on alcohol lol)
To-Nya: I am very lightweight so I like sweet cocktails. Marguaritas with salt, frangelico (any nut liquor) or creamy ones like Baileys...( I guess To-Tam and I have the same taste)

18) What is your favorite food? 

To-Tam: I love a good juicy medium rare steak. Anything tasty. Japanese & French Cuisines are my favorites followed by Thai & Vietnamese food
To-Nya: Raw oysters, Sea Urchins, Sushi, Pho (Vietnamese soup), a good juicy steak, fois gras. I like tasty and spicy (... and maybe weird food, lol). My 3 top cuisines are Japanese, Vietnamese & Thai.

19) Where did the SACHIKA name come from?

A friend said that To-Nya in Japanese is SACHIKA. It means more wishes, more happiness and more fortune.

20) When will the next SACHIKA event be ? 

Here in New York on December 11th for our birthday! Stay Tuned!!

21) have you girls ever did a threesome together? 


22) what did it feel like to be devirginized by the same man?....hi ladies its me GUS the man that made it happen,;) take care of those tattoos and if u have any ?s just give me a call 

It felt GREAT! lol...we love our tattoo! Gus you're the best!!! Sending all our friends to you for fresh tattoos!

23) why do you guys make such a big secret about your age? 

Are we?  We are not lol...We are young and ready to conquer the world!

OKAY THAT'S IT FOR NOW, until the next TMI Tuesday! 

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