Monday, November 22, 2010

SACHIKA TWINS Attend "Pampered with Paige Event" in New York

Last Wednesday our friend Deana Spiotti AKA QUEEN BUZZ invited us to join her at an event that she promised would be super fun & girly! Since we work all the time, the idea of attending the infamous PAMPERED BY PAIGE event & to be pampered was more than attractive! It turned out to be amazing !! This event  for women was held at TOUCH Nightclub in Midtown New York and was founded by Radio Personality & host Lisa Paige.

SACHIKA TWINS: To-Tam Sachika, Lisa Paige, To-Nya Sachika
About Lisa Paige :

Lisa radio show that can be heard on 92.3 Now FM in New York City and via the web at  She's on the air weekdays 10a-3p. Lisa has also done national television for NBC as the announcer for the Radio Music Awards, and as a correspondent on CNN Headline News' Glenn Beck Program.  She made regular appearances on Fox-29 and NBC's the 10! show in Philly, covered the American Idol Finale's, the Billboard Music Awards, the Kids Choice Awards, and the MTV Video Awards.

Lisa says she loves to SHOP and created Pampered by Paige to highlights all the bargains she adores.

Wow VERY impressive! Lisa Paige is without a doubt a SACHIKA WOMAN:

"She's fierce, she's independent and she knows what she wants"

We had the pleasure of meeting her at the event & she is a sunshine full of life !  

SACHIKA TWINS: To-Tam Sachika, Lisa Paige, To-Nya Sachika

We love Coco Butter by Palmers!! Thanks to our PA & Deana, we left with a full BOX!!! 
Way to keep our skin hydrated this winter...!

Lynette loved the cupcakes and so did we!!
Tonnies Minis Cupcakes are delicious!!! Red Velvet are our favorite :)

Lisa Paige with one of her fans Sophia !!

Our PA Barry Yoko won one of the raffles !!! 
Thanks Lisa we are definitely using those great feet items !! LOL

Queen Buzz was in the house looking fly like usual!!! Lover her!  Deana Spiotti

An amazing event for women...! Who doesn't want to be pampered? 
Don't miss out on the next one which will be held in March 2011.
Follow Lisa on Twitter for updates:  @lisapaigenow
Lisa Paige with attendees

To-Tam Sachika & Deana Spiotti aka QUEEN BUZZ

Catch Lisa Paige on her OWN Radio Show 92.3 NOW FM!!!

Great Products!!

SACHIKA TWINS love Cotton Candy...yes we have the sweet tooth! :)

Free Massages!! ...hhmmm

NU VISION skincare

FREE spychic readings !!! Love it

To-Nya Sachika

Tonnie's Minis!! YUMMY!!!

Raffles, raffles!!

Buttery salty  Popcorn...TO DIE FOR!
Tonnie's Minis Cupcakes...! Indulging..!
Tonnies Minis is also the the bakery company that made our delicious After-Party  Cupcakes for NYFW. Amazing mini cupcakes !!

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  1. This looks sooo fun!

  2. wow that sound like it a world of goodies!!!