Thursday, November 11, 2010

The SACHIKA Twins 12-Ingredients Powerful Recipe for Success !!

 1) Don't be afraid. 
 The worse you can get is a NO. Fear is everyone's worst enemy. Let go of your fears. Become a go-getter. Get up and go get what you want. Don't be afraid of what people will say or think about you. They don't know you the way you know yourself. Do you.

 2) Determination.
Keep going, don't ever give up.  Keep running the race. You only have a chance to win if you finish the race. Half the people will give up so  just keep going no matter what.

3)  Education. 
Whether you are street smart, or book smart, or both you must educate yourself on a daily basis. Read the news, stay aware of what's going on in the world & in your field. Knowledge is key. Don't fall behind. Stay on top of your game.

4) Hard Work.
A thought without an action means NOTHING. Think about it, plan it & then do it. There's no secret to success, hard work pays off.  There's no shortcut. Donald Trump still wakes at 5am every day..You can't expect to succeed without putting the hours into it. Don't be lazy.

5) Stay Focused.
Keep your eyes on the prize. It's easy especially living in a city like New York, to get distracted and carried away. The parties, the people, too many distractions...Constantly remind yourself what you're here for, everyday. Visualize yourself in your near future the way you want to be.

6) Have a business plan. 
Whether you're a Designer, a Singer, an accountant, a sales rep, a dentist, a waitress, or a lawyer, you should have a plan and write it down. What are your short terms plan? Long-term plans? What will you do to achieve them? Before you go to bed, you should always write down a list of things to do the next day. This is what we do every night before we go to bed. We write our daily goals.

7) Network.  
Your network is your net worth!!! No one can succeed alone.  Not me, not you, not her, not him. Who you are connected to and who you know will have a strong impact on your career. Surround yourself by positive people just like you. When you go out, speak your dreams to the universe. Don't be afraid to share your dreams. The more people know about it, the more people will believe in you. Besides, who knows who may end up helping you?

8) Help. 
As much as you want to receive help from others, you have to help as well. People will help you and you must try to help the novice and try to return the favor, even if it means helping someone  that didn't help you. Keep the circle moving. Helping is rewarding. It is good karma. Never expect to receive without giving. And never give by expecting to receive. Give with your heart, without counting., The worse thing you can do is to help someone than flaunt it in their face or tell everyone who you helped, what you did, etc. Help and only give willingly and with a smile.

9) Respect. 
Treat the people you work with and your entourage with respect. Don't burn bridges for you never know how things can turn out. Respect is so important. Nobody wants to be affiliated with someone disrespectful. No matter how good you are at what you do, you must respect the people around you. No one is above or below anyone. We are all equal. We are all human.

10) Smile. 
The laws of attraction. The more you smile and breathe confidence & success, the more you will attract success. This is a very powerful tool. The Power of the Mind. Know that your mind is very powerful and you can achieve anything. Smile is contagious. Spread positivity around you.

11) Be Humble.
Stay Humble. Remember that you're never too good. You can always improve and be better. The minute you think you've made it and feel comfortable, someone else may surpass you. The best way to  succeed is to always remind yourself that someone else may be better than you. Comfort is the number 1 enemy to success. You are never too good.

12) Be Innovative. 
Again, whatever the field you're in, you have to be different and innovative. What sets you apart from others? Why should people buy your products or use your services instead of others. Be creative. Be original. Don't try to blend in. Try to stand out.

Blend together with with generous amounts of balance. Life is not just about work and career. Balance is key. Make sure you enjoy every step of the way. Stay healthy, keep active and make sure you're enjoying yourself. What is your favorite hobby? Don't forget yourself along the way...

SACHIKA TWINS want to wish everyone success. And remember, you are your own competition. Everyone is different, and everyone's notion of success is different. Do not spend hours, days, weeks comparing yourself to others. Spend time on improving yourself.

What is your recipe to your success?
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  1. 100% very true. You ladies will go very far!

  2. I am too inspired...keep it coming!

  3. This is golden..I really respect you girls!!

  4. This is awesome ladies!! You are the best!! Stay Blessed! ~Yomaris

  5. i totally agree with this! all these ingredients are keys to making success happen.

  6. We are so happy to know this may help, glad u guys like it!!

    Much love,

    To-Tam & To-Nya

  7. These rules apply in any field great job

  8. Love the list. Tomorrow is a new day but start preparing for it now. Memorize the list and apply. Thank you ladies.

    BTW, I wish I knew you were the Sachika Twins when I met you at Comic Con last month. You two looked beautiful.

  9. this is such a great blog. thanks for the advice!