Sunday, November 7, 2010

Winters Beauty Necessities

As the  Seasons are changing the weather is getting colder and colder and as Winter starts to roll in there are a few items every girl needs to keep cute in the cold.

1. A giant fluffy circle scarf
It is extremely important to keep yourself covered especially when your walking around NYC. The wind is killer!

2. A cute pair of gloves and a hat
They say that if you keep your hands and head warm in the winter then you are more likely to keep warm throughout the day. Well its definitely worth the try! We can't go anywhere without gloves and a hat because we always get so cold so easily.

3.  Moisturizers!
When it starts getting cold you cant have enough moisturizers. The SACHIKA woman must keep her lips, skin, and hair looking its best regardless of the weather. 
Coco butter lip balm is our favorite lip balm hands down. It's super cheap and you can find it at any Duane Reade or small pharmacy or deli corner store. Its a great medicated balm that helps prevent chapped lips when it starts to get cold. Everyone always thinks were pulling out a stick of glue since its so big and looks at us like we are crazy. Crazy or not, it works wonders and leaves your lips silky smooth.

Moisturizing Lotion 
Aveeno is our favorite moisturizing lotion especially for the winter. It doesn't have any fancy scents or anything its just a great moisturizer. Aveeno is known for its use of "active natural" ingredients and offers many different products to treat different skin conditions. 

Rainforest Moisture Hair Butter 

Keep your hair soft, glossy, and tangle free. When winter time comes so does the static hair and split ends keep your hair feeling soft and healthy with the moisturizing hair butter. 

4. Orange Juice and Vitamins

Stay healthy! When it starts getting cold everyone is always sniffling and getting sick. A nice glass of OJ every morning will keep you feeling great and help your body avoid getting any colds. 


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What are some of your winter necessities?


  1. love circle scarfs. definitely a necessity for the winter

  2. Tea is my winter necessity. I try to get my daily dose. It keeps me warm and helps me from getting sick.

  3. Love the scarf..

    Palmer's Cocoa Butter is a must!!

    I pop vitamine E on my face at night.. sticky but in the morning I scrub it with St-Yves, then a great Moisturiser my mom got me from Canada, Base Glaze.

    I will need gloves!!