Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The BEST Gift.....for This Holiday Season!

Yesterday, I was having a conversation with my personal assistant Barry Yoko. He was eating some tomato sauce meatballs with pasta while watching BRAVO's show "The Millionaire Matchmaker". Coincidentally, that same episode showed Patti doing her cover shoot  for her DVD wearing our dress, the SACHIKA red dress that we designed for her for the occasion! Patti looked great!

Photo by Keith Lew

Going back to the evening, my assistant asked me" Would you like some?" and I replied " No.....its' birthday is coming...the best gift I can give my self is HEALTH!"....We both paused and my eyes got illuminated. I couldn't help but acknowledged that what I just said what absolutely TRUE! If you have dreams to accomplish, if you have big plans in the future and if you plan on making a mark in this world, then you should know to treat your person, your body and your mind with love, respect and care!

The holiday season is finally here! Everyone loves to indulge a little bit and begin with the festivities!
This season, since it is the end of year 2010 and we are already gearing up for 2011, (and we know, 2011 IS THE YEAR!!! - as we have BIG projects come up!) what better way to finish off the year then with enhancing your health and taking on new good habits?!


Besides from keeping active and from exercising regularly, here are a few eating habits  everyone should adopt. Being fit and healthy starts with GREAT eating habits. You can exercise all you want but if your diet is poor, chances are, you will never truly see all the results of your efforts.

Here are some key POWER foods you should always have handy. A lot of people when dieting, forget to stock up on the good foods and when hungry, start purging with bad foods. The key is to only have good food around you! 

Here is a list of POWER FOOD you should always have handy:

- Almonds and other nuts
- Olive oil
- Egg (whites),
- Turkey and lean meats
- Whole grain breads and cereals
- Spinach and other greens
- Peanut butter
- Berries ( all types of berries)
- Instant oatmeal ( unsweetened and unflavored)
- Beans and other vegetables
- Lean beef
- Fish
- Apples
-Sunflower Seeds

The secret is to build your meals around these food. These foods are proven to help build lean/mean muscles ( which make you burn more fat). By eating them, you will also get more vitamins, mineral and fibers and feel more full and satisfied.

Instead of eating a few big meals a day, break them down into 6 small meals or more a day. The more meals, the more you are training your body to keep digesting and breaking down foods all day. This builds and fastens your metabolism.

AVOID these vilains:

- High Fructose Corn Syrup ( HFCS )
( These items are high in HFCS: Soft drinks, pancake syrup, ketchup, pasta sauce, apple juice, etc)

- Trans Fat
( These items contain trans fat: butter, margarine, chips and crackers, toppings and dips, frozen foods ( fish sticks, pizza, pies), Ramen noodles, fried fast foods, etc)

-Saturated Fat
( Usually found in meat and dairy products so always choose the leaner forms of protein and low-fat forms of dairy)

-Refined Carbohydrates
(white sugar, white bread, bagels, white pasta, waffles, etc). Nutritionally, these foods don't do anything.

INCREASE These foods

- Protein ( egg whites, turkey,  chicken, etc)
- Polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats ( pacific herring, salmon, tuna, tilapia)
- Fiber-rich carbohydrates ( whole wheat bread, oatmeal whole grain cereal)
- Calcium ( low-fat yogurt, low-fat milk, low-fat cheese)

Limit your intake of alcohol, cocktails and deserts during this Holiday season.

This is a GREAT and simple way to end your year, start fresh and getting closer to a healthier and happy body and mind!

Take 5 minutes everyday just to breathe, relax and meditate on your life goals! Only 5 minutes/day can make a lifetime improvement! 

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  1. What about the christmas spirit? Christmas comes once a year, I don't see the point of watching everything you eat at this time of year. Seriously, the secret is to have a well balanced life and watch what you eat and exercise all year round. There's nothing wrong with treating yourself here and there. Don't end up being the big time party pooper...

  2. WOW!! agree Health and Strength is what everyone needs!

  3. Health is a lifestyle. It's about consistency and about integrating good habits everyday. This blog WAS NOT about dieting, restricting or missing out on life. We have never counted calories, nor watched everything we eat and that is the secret to succeeding in achieving a healthy balanced life. It's about knowing what's is good and making it habit. We are the first ones to celebrate, to indulge and to have happy, fun times...( if you notice all our other blogs). This blog is bringing awareness to the good and the bad and is intended to help everyone around us start great habits.

    " The way you treat yourself says a lot about how much you respect/love yourself!"

    We wish everyone a wonderful Holiday Season!


  4. And, if you truly enjoy life and breathe it fully everyday, you do not need to wait for a holiday to celebrate!

    It's Christmas for us all year around because LOVE , COMPASSION and FAMILY are our religion!

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read our blog:)

  5. The SACHIKA TWINS are intelligent & cultivated. I am their personal assistant and I'm around them everyday. To say party pooper is to really not know them. They enjoy life to the fullest every moment and are great at trying to be balanced. Happy Holiday! Thanks for sharing! Go SACHIKA TWINS!

  6. I am a mother of 3 children and although it's very hard to feed them with only healthy food, I try to only expose my kids with the best. Now they are accustomed to eat only healthy food. I agree it's about habits. Great blog.

  7. Thank you, I love these simple tips. I will buy those power foods when I do groceries now and try cooking with them mainly! No wonder you ladies have nice!

  8. Love this blog, you girls inspire me! Yoga is bomb!

  9. What a great point! I finally got back to the gym today after a bit of a break.. this post will inspire me to go again tomorrow. : )