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Photo by Fernando Colon


Rumors are true! Someone actually made a birthday cake off Coco's famous butt cleavage during New York Fashion Week  at the SACHIKA SHOW! The amazing artist behind such work of art is the amazing Queens of Sweet Bakery in New York and it was for none other than the Twin Designers of SACHIKA'S BDAY !!! How much butter cream did they have to use to fill in the cake(s) ?!? LOL

Photo by Edwin Taveras Cruz

Photo by Edwin Taveras Cruz

Photo by Edwin Taveras Cruz

Photo by Edwin Taveras Cruz
Photo by Jason Howard Photography

Photo by Fernando Colon

Photo by Fernando Colon
Photo by Edwin Taveras Cruz
Photo by Fernando Colon

Queens of sweet was thrilled and honored to take on the challenge of making  the birthday cake for Celebrity Designers To-Tam & To-Nya Sachika! The duo behind Queens of sweets, Annette & George wanted to create a cake that would represent the SACHIKA TWINS: something unique, beautiful, fashionable yet sexy... The pair was so inspired by the story of the Twin Designers that they decided to recreate an entire Fashion runway! From delicious chocolate & vanilla cupcakes with SACHIKA logo along with  stunning purple/turquoise twin towers and an edible photo cake back drop of the SACHIKA TWINS, the 3 dimensional cake was created and it was ...SPECTACULAR! The cherry on top was without a doubt the sculpted Coco's butt cleavage dress made into a cake.

"Indeed Coco's dress at New York Fashion Week was definitely one of the most memorable moments of  our year and we couldn't be happier to have that moment engraved on our birthday cake! Coco was at our bday bash and she loved it!"

Needless to say our jaw dropped when we saw the cake arriving because not only it is huge (5 foot by 30 inches) but it was FANTABULOUSLY BEAUTIFUL!!! The birthday cake was hands down the highlight of our birthday bash!!!

Thank you Queens of Sweet for making our wish come true!"


Photo by Fernando Colon

Photo by Fernando Colon
Photo by Edwin Taveras Cruz
Coco framing her "cakes"

Annette &  her master piece!

Not only did Queens of Sweet succeed in making a phenomenal cake but they also chose to work with our favorite colors (To-Tam: purple and To-Nya: Turquoise)!

And did we add the cake taste oh soooo delicious? It was a red velvet cake filled with Cinnamon butter cream; soft & tasty...OH-EM-GEE TO DIE FOR !!!

Our PA Barry Yoko clearly couldn't get enough of that "ASS" !...

We can't thank enough our dear friend & skin care specialist Leslie Mota for referring us to Queens of Sweet; who is now our # 1 choice for bakery in New York!

We can now say : Coco's butt taste DELICIOUS!!! :P

And you bet the cake(s) has been the talk of the town ever since!

About Queens of Sweet:

Annette Duzant-Tasch and George Martino first met as visual merchandisers for H&M's first store in the US. These creative soulmates loved working together so much that 10 years later they decided to pursue another common passion of theirs, baking.  After a few batches of cookies and dozens of cupcakes they became known as The Queens of Sweet. Later, challenged by a co-worker to create a cake for a baby shower, they fell in love with fondant and the notion of creating amazing cakes as well. Thanks to their wonderful friends, family, coworkers, and photos on social networks such as Facebook, their talent for baking and creating edible works of art is no longer a secret.

Annette Duzant-Tasch

George Martino

Queens of Sweet can make any sweets from sculpted cakes to photo cakes all size, shape and flavor, to cupcakes, cookies, pies, virtually any desert...They are simply amazing and the best part is they are creative and daring! Contact them for your custom cake & desert!

Queens of Sweet can make edible cakes off anything!
Edible sneakers? hummmm =)

Soft & creamy cupcakes...DELICIOUS!

Almond Cream Pear Tartlet Platter :)
Creme Brulee Cupcakes

Chocolate TLC's with Peanut Butter Cream Cheese Filling.

chocolate TLC's with cream cheese filling and mint cream filling.

 Lemon Squares

Cupcakes for your kids!

Cupcakes for the grown & sexy...They melt in your mouth!

Edible clothes!
The Princess and the Frog, Birthday Cake!!!
Princess' skirt - Yellow cake with vanilla buttercream
Base- Red Velvet with sweet cream cheese buttercream

Egyptian cake? 

Queens of Sweet wishes you a Happy Holiday Season! 
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  1. Love the cakes!!! It's huge!

  2. WOW!! delicious!! The SACHIKATWINS bday made HISTORY!! :)

  3. This blog made my mouth water!! so much sweets lol!

  4. The twins are so GORGEOUS!!!!! Annette & George are SUPER CREATIVE BAKERS!!!!!

  5. Who are those twins? There are absolutely stunning and so is Coco. Are they the ones that made that purple dress?? My mouth is watering over this blog!

  6. I am too agree with you as there is no difference between the twins and also the things which you have shared here can also be considered as twins. They are also beautiful.