Thursday, December 16, 2010


 To-Tam and To-Nya Sachika
Photo by Steve Reganato


1) I know its your bday next Monday Dec. 13th! What would be the best gift you each would want?
To-Nya: I would have loved to have all my family reunited here with us in NYC. Especially my nephew! I feel so blessed to have the best family and wished we lived in the same city! 
To-Tam: A BIG bday cake LOL !!!jk This year I want success & love.

2) How many kids do you each want? ( if any) LOL

To-Nya: I want 4 kids! 2 sets of twins, a boy and a girl set! :)
To-Tam: Would love 4 children. I want a big family I was raised in a large family of 6 children. I'd love two sets of twins: twin boys followed by twin girls.

3) How tall are you?

We are both 5'5"

4) Hey when r we gonna play some ping pong together?

Hi Jim! We should definitely plan a ping pong day soon! It's been too long. Hope all is well! :)

5) When you got your tattoo did it hurt I'm thinking about getting one soon :)

To-Nya: It didn't hurt as much as I expected. It was totally bearable!
To-Tam: Yes it hurt just a little.. but it wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be =)

6) Do you like winter or summertime?

To-Nya: I totally love summertime better. I'm exotic! I love the sun, the beach and the heat!
To-Tam: No question about it: summertime!!! HEATT baby!

7) Are you ready for a committed relationship?

To-Nya: Finding the right match is a rarity. When it does happen, I will know to cease the moment and to honor it. Yes, with the right person, I am definitely ready for a committed relationship.
To-Tam: Of course! When I find the right man if  we are compatible, have mutual respect, profound love & admiration for each other as well similar goals and lifestyle.

8) When do you want to get married?

To-Nya: I believe that marriage has no age specific. It's a feeling that will come with the right person and the right parameters.
To-Tam: When the time is right and everything feels right =)

9) Do you girls have hair extensions? And where to you get them?

No we don't. We are fortunate to have really long & thick hair.

10) Where do you girl's see yourselves 5 yrs from now who gets married first do you both ever like same guy do you flip coin to see who dates him what is one goal you have to have completed within next 3 yrs

To-Nya: In 5 years, I see myself leading a big empire, signing big checks, taking big decisions and leading a very comfortable lifestyle. I might be married and have just had newborn TWINS! LOL
To-Tam: In 5 years, I see the SACHIKA brand everywhere, literally LOL. I would have accomplished a lot more. I'll have many properties, a dog, many cars including a Porsche Cayenne Turbo 911 lol... I'll be traveling the world, maybe  I'll be married to an amazing husband maybe  I'll have a son lol who knows...but one sure thing is I'll be living the life that I ordered. =) I always thought I'd be the first one to get married cause I'm the older twin lol but we never know lol...WE'LL SEE lol...I'm ready for the fairy tale! =)

11) Hi there Sachika twins! Love your have fun attitudes and your work - was introduced to your collection by Queen Buzz. I'd like to ask what kinds of jewelry you like to wear the most! Also, if you're interested I can send you some pieces courtesy of jewelry dose daily! Just email if you're interested - i look forward to hearing what your fave jewel styles are!!! <3 Melissa

Thank you Melissa! Very nice website and blog you have! As fashion designers, our taste for jewelry is very broad. However, we have a preference for precious metals and statement pieces.- pieces that speak to people and are bold and fierce. Most of the time, less is more.

12) Hi Ladies I really admire your hard work and determination. Congrats on all your success. It must hard to date being so successful and twins. Can you describe your dream man? Thank you. Lucas

To-Nya: Thank you Lucas. We believe that hard work does pay off. It's a little more interesting being twins and dating but we both consider ourselves unique and very different from one another so  I guess it is as easy or as difficult as it is for a non-twin person. My dream man: He is a real gentleman, intelligent, very athletic, ambitious, caring, loyal, fun, adventurous and optimistic.
To-Tam: Thank you Lucas for those kind words. My dream man? huuumm  He can cook, give great massages and carry me in the streets when my feet hurt!!! lol...j/k!!!...I'd love someone who will be like my partner in crime, with great chemistry, mutual understanding, who is respectful, faithful, a gentleman, caring, affectionate, intelligent, witty, funny, fun, adventurous, positive, athletic and ambitious.. LOL

13) What do you wish for the most right now? 
To-Nya: Right now, I really wish to have this contract signed. It involves a lot and requires a lot of reviewing and care so we do have to take our time.
To-Tam: I can't wait to close this deal!!! 

14) Chocolate or Vanilla?

To-Nya: What about both? It depends of my mood. But I do like everything Vanilla! :)
To-Tam: I used to prefer vanilla but I think now I'm leaning more towards chocolate :p

15) Would you rather date an NBA Player or a Singer Sensation? LOL

To-Nya: I would rather date the one whose personality is more compatible to mine...the one who is closer to my ideal ;)
To-Tam: What about a guy that can sing & play ball? lol...Just kidding...I'd rather date the one who is a better match for me and who makes me feel good. =)

16) Short guy big dick or Tall guy small dick?

To-Nya: This is non-sense!
To-Tam: Are you serious??? What about everything else?..

17) How do you balance your work with your social life and still make time for yourselves?

To-Nya: When you lead the type of life where you are doing your passion everyday, you quickly realize how you are continuously gratifying your person and making room for YOU! It is such a great feeling to be living ( breathing fully every minute) and to be working everyday towards bigger dreams. The lines between hobbies, social life and work just become blurry. Whenever I am out, I am networking while enjoying myself...and when focused on work, I surround myself with a friendly and warm environment. Everything is within your power, your reach and your mind! Just believe!:)
To-Tam: Everything we do is work & fun because our work is our passion! We love what we do and we live our life with passion so work is not work it's like a playground lol!! SACHIKA is a lifestyle! We believe in enjoying every step of the way and we are definitely living our life to the fullest! Everywhere we go, even when it's work related we get to meet so many interesting & amazing people. Work & social life is now all in one.

18) Which are you top 3 clothing brands and why?

To-Nya: SACHIKA, SACHIKA and SACHIKA! LOL...but seriously, I haven't worn anything else other than SACHIKA since its launch ( Jan. 2009). I'd have to research more before I speak! :) I like feminine, sophisticated and simple clothes.
To-Tam: I do like BCBG, ZARA & MARCIANO. (simple, functional, feminine)

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  1. i really hope these beautiful twins make it there great role model's for younger girls to aspire to

    mom and dad did great job girls

    reach for the stars hit the moon

    hope you liked my ? where do you see yourselves in 10 yrs

    hey did Irirna contact you ??

    your friend one of these day's we will meet lol


  2. Girls I went to your party and I wasn't able t say hi to you because of all the paparazzi but I just want to say that I'm a huge fan. You girls are both sooo pretty and talented I love the Nicki dress to die for. I really hope next time I can get to meet you both. Karina

  3. Who the hell asked question 16?...smh