Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Secret SACHIKA TWINS' Birthday Bash at Empire Room

On December 11th 2010, we had a low-key birthday party held at the Empire room at the Empire State building. We knew our big bday bash was going to be crowded so we decided to put together, last minute, a more intimate gathering...

Yes, it was our SECRET bday Bash! 

It turned out to be SO MUCH FUN! Thank you to all who came out...we know it was very last minute!

Celebrating with friends!

To-Tam Sachika, gorgeous Melissa Geneva and To-Nya Sachika

Tennessee Titans' NFL Player Vincent Fuller and Designer To-Nya Sachika

Will and To-Tam

Nicole Chavanne and Vanessa Sandoval: Team Sachika!

Vanessa, To-Tam, Image Director Alexander Allen and To-Nya

SACHIKA TWINS with our PR Rae Holliday

SACHIKA TWINS with Lynx Watson of TY KU Liquors

SACHIKA TWINS & our beautiful Autumn


SACHIKA TWINS and Carolyn Chappelle

SACHIKA TWINS always dancing on tables!

SACHIKA TWINS with bestie Sheila Aly-Gomis

Sexy Ladies!

SACHIKA TWINS with our photographer Roman Kajner

SACHIKA TWINS with bestie Thuy Truong


Stunning ladies!

Nives Gadoni & Melissa Geneva

SACHIKA TWINS and Nives Gadoni

Brianna, To-Tam, Carlos, To-Nya and Aron

Graham & friends



Thank you for the cake Carlos Narcisse!

 Vincent Fuller and To-Nya Sachika

Graham and friends

 Our dear PA Barrington and friends

SACHIKA TWINS and our dear friend & photographer Roman!

Special Thanks to Roman Kajzer, our dear photographer friend who came out to capture all those beautiful moments!

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  1. Had a blast love u girls!!!!

  2. You girls never fail to show all of us a good time! Love ur energy!!!

  3. Dear To-Tam & To-Nya,
    It was so much fun to be part of your special day. I wish you both success and happiness in coming years. Thank you for the recognition. I really appreciate it. I'm hoping in the short future we can finally work together on some projects you may have.

    Your Photographer

  4. Hi Roman, we are so glad you made it to both our private bday bash as well as the big one! Your photos are gorgeous! You put time & we effort into them & it shows. We officially have met a year ago on our bday at Amnesia, right? It's been a pleasure ever since and yes, we will definitely work together, we have huge projects coming up and can't wait to share them to the world! Wishing your an amazing Holiday season!

    Much love,



    May your Holidays be as festive and full of energy as you always are... and for New Year I'm sending you wishes of continuous success and growing happiness.

    Yes it has been a year... and we became friends since. It is always a pleasure to attend your events. I'm looking forward to 2011 watching you progress and capturing moments of your growth, rise and success with my camera. Can't wait to work with you on those "secret" projects...

    Your Photographer