Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Jim Carrey's New Woman: Former "America's Next Top Model" Anchal Joseph

Jim Carrey and Anchal leaving Time Stands Still Broadway Show

Former America's Next Top Model contestant, Anchal Joseph is apparently now dating comedian Jim Carrey. You may also recognize Anchal from our runway last season! That's right, Anchal rocked the SACHIKA runway at  NY Fashion Week last September. We had the pleasure of working with this beautiful Indian beauty...She is such a doll! We wish her nothing but the best!

Anchal rocking SACHIKA's runway at NY Fashion Week

The two met on the set of Jim Carrey's new movie, Mr. Popper's Penguin, set to air later this year. She plays an extra in the film along with other models. The New Delhi beauty, 24, is just as old as Carrey's daughter...Remember what they say..age is nothing but a number! 

We hope that they are happy together!

What do you think of the pair?
A match made in heaven, or not so much?
Leave us your thoughts!

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  1. Oh wow this is an unexpected pair, but cute! All the best they look happy.

  2. Are you two fame hungry? I think this is tacky how you as " Designers " use Anchal's recent headlines to post about her in your blog just to have your name circulated along side her during this recent press in regards to her and Jim Carrey.

  3. I didn't know who Anchal really was, so having this blog up informs me of the privileged person to walk in SACHIKA.

  4. I think the girls are simply congratulating a friend for her new relationship. Is that so awful? I dont think so

  5. I think they friends so there is no such thing as using. Models can use press too so it can only help her

  6. Trust me, I know Anchal personally. They are not friends. They met Anchal @ Green House Night Club. Their is some photo floating around expressing that she went to Green House with the Sachika Twins and some other Twins referred to as " Celebrity Publicists ". In fact, Anchal showed up to The Green House with Top Model Sheena Sakai and another model. Anchal simply walked for their fashion show, that's the extent of how they know Anchal. A true friend of Anchal would giver her their thoughts thru a phone call, not blast her rumored date with Jim Carrey on their blog in hopes to show up as one of the first in the search engines for Jim Carrey and Anchal Joseph. Let's keep it REAL here people.