Monday, January 3, 2011

SACHIKA: A Brand for all Modern Women

The real challenge for any designer is to design a beautiful garment that can fit many body types and shapes.

At SACHIKA, we pride ourselves in taking our creativity and garment craft and in transposing it onto all women, creating a overall positive impact on them.

As fashion designers, we have the ability to create trends, set moods and express our creativity. It would be selfish to only design for the stick-thin figures. Every woman deserves to feel great and have their self-esteem boosted up with beautiful designs.

Our Sissy dress has proven to dress women from all body types, sizes and ages.

Singer/ performer Dawn Richard wearing the white Sissy dress by SACHIKA

Actress Denyce Lawton wearing the black Sissy dress by SACHIKA
Designers To-Tam and To-Nya Sachika wearing their own designs, the white Sissy by SACHIKA

Skin care Specialist Leslie Mota wearing the black Sissy by SACHIKA

Rapper/Performer Nicki Minaj wearing the white Sissy by SACHIKA

All these women have different body shapes, are different sizes , nationalities and ages. Common factor?


Ladies, get your SACHIKA dress today!

SACHIKA- For The Modern Woman

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  1. thats a hot dress

  2. how much is it? I want it

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