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TOP 10 THINGS MEN NOTICE ABOUT WOMEN....YES LADIES THE TRUTH! we've done it before we wrote a blog about the TOP 10 THINGS WOMEN NOTICE ABOUT MEN when they first meet...

Many of you have asked for it, here's the other version!  What are the TOP 10 THINGS MEN NOTICE  ABOUT WOMEN when they first meet...

The order may change but ladies, he will most likely notice the following:

1) Silhouette
Whether you're in a nightclub or in line at Starbucks waiting to pay for your coffee, men will notice your silhouette. His eyes will catch in a glimpse a body that looks attractive to him, a body that moves a certain way. Make sure if you're out looking for that potential mate to dress accordingly. If you like your body silhouette and shape, you may want to wear fitted clothes. Please note it is NOT about the amount of skin you show but rather about your body silhouette being revealed. If you are not confident about your body, you can wear more ample clothes that will draw the eyes towards your face. Do you have the silhouette that attracts his eyes? Certain men have a body type they prefer and are consistently attracted to the same body types.  For many, its not so much about the size but rather about the proportions...

Beyonce shows off her great silhouette in this simple black dress.

2) Smile & lips
Once his eyes have caught on to your beautiful silhouette, he will immediately look at your face which is primarily the most important physical feature for him. Lips and smile. Studies have proven that women with nice smiles and full lips are considered more attractive. Lips are sensual.

3) Eyes
Yes its sounds corny but the eyes do say a lot about you. One of the most important features  are your eyes. Studies have proven that women with medium to big eyes are considered more attractive. Also, more importantly, it's more about the shape of your eyes. Be sure to highlights your eyes when doing your makeup. Some men prefer women with tender eyes, innocent eyes, other prefer women with fierce eyes.

Megan Fox has piercing blue eyes!

Catherine Zeta-Jones has beautiful almonds eyes.

4) Hips to waist ratio

Men's eyes are drawn towards that "erotic area" of yours...Your hips to waist ratio. The waist hip ratio can be defined as the ratio of the circumference of the waist of that of the waist. The waist to hip ratio calculator is often used to assess the attractiveness index of women since it is widely believe that women with with a WTH  of 0.7 are considered the most attractive. Studies have proven that no matter what size you are if your hip to ratio is as follow: 
Waist: Your waist measurement should be taken at the smaller section of your natural waist, usually located just above the belly button.
Hips: Your hip measurement should be taken at the your hips on the widest part of your buttocks.

Divide your waist size by your hip size. Example: 25 waist /35 hips= 0.7

Halle Berry has a great WTH ratio.

5) Butt

Of course all men will notice this asset of yours! Need we say more?
The past years, there's been a beauty trend where the bigger the "butt" the more attractive a woman is. Women such as Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Coco & Nicki Minaj have succeeded in setting the "big booty" as the newest standard of beauty. It seems this has gotten out of hand, women even take extreme measures such as butt implants to look like those icons. The Butt pad as well as butt injection & implant are now widely popular procedures. Some men still prefer women with a "nice little booty" while others prefer women with big booty. Let's make room for some more booty!

J. Lo famous "derriere"

Kim Kardashian is probably famous because of her "booty"

Real of Fake? Nicki's derriere can't be missed.

Coco shows off her butt cleavage during the SACHIKA show NYFW Spring 2011.

Jessica Alba's cute little booty

6) Breasts

The fact that women still get boob jobs is a proof that breast cleavage is still considered as an attractive body trait. Breasts are assets that make women more feminine. Whether they're natural of done, men do like breasts. Some prefer them natural while others actually prefer the silicone malibu "look". What does your man prefer?

Jessica Simpson has natural double D's

Salma Hayek's famous rack

Some men still prefer small breasts. Paris Hilton is an A cup.

Pamela Anderson is many men's fantasy. Yet her boobs are fake.

7) Personality

A happy funny & joyful woman is always more attractive. When men go home to their mate or spend time with you, they want to relax and have a good time. Don't be the whiner type. Smile and show him a good time! Talk, crack jokes and don't take yourself too seriously! 

There's something about Cameron Diaz...She's a fun girl!
Kate Hudson is much more likable because of her personality.

8) Confidence

Nothing is more appealing than a confident women who owns and claims herself. Confidence is so sexy especially when she know what she wants and is assertive.

Tyra Banks: a true Sagittarius! Assertive
Peneleoppe Cruz has that sexy Latin confidence! 

Vivica A Fox? She's feisty!

9) Hair

Beautiful long hair. Men love to put their hands in a woman's hair...If you're a sexy woman, you can even rock short hair and look hot! Whatever the length, wear your hair with confidence and remember real hair is always better...!

Lucy Liu has beautiful lustrous hair

10) Walk

A woman's walk can be incredibly sexy...A strong steady confident walk with good hip movement is considered more attractive. How you move is important. Slouchy postures and stiff walks are not so attractive. This is a detail that is often overlooked.

A confident walk with good hip movement...!

This blog post is for entertainment purpose and is not intended to be taken seriously. These are just general points as it is usually case by case.

Which is your best asset?
Gentlemen, what do YOU notice first?

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  1. Definitely smile, eyes & ass!!!

  2. If a man only looks are your ass you know whats on his mind smh!

  3. I always look at the ass first and then face and finish at the breast.

  4. You see i would take a girl with big tits and a big ass to bed BUT won't marry her - Don't like sloppy bitches it'll just be my play bitch.. My trophy gurl would be a combo of Megan Fox and Kate Hudson

  5. I like cute, small butts and most guys I think will agree. Nice and tight is always better than soft and squishy :)

    Check out my blog :)

  6. I like them petite with curves and a nice smile.

  7. Im tall (5'9") and have a big butt and I attract a lot of men. YUP