Saturday, February 19, 2011

Breaking News: Ex-Jersey Shore Angelina Pivarnick's BF proposes at Style360 SACHIKA NYFW Fashion Show!

Newly engaged: Angelina Pivarnick and David Kovacs share a sweet kiss

                                                                       The BIG Moment

"It was such a happy moment of my life and I was in total shockkkk" - Angelina Pivarnick told the SACHIKA TWINS.

We are truly happy for our dear friend Angelina Pivarnick who recently got engaged with her boyfriend David Kovacs. We met Angelina at our Birthday Party back in December 2010. We partied the night away like true rockstars!

                             Angelina attended our birthday bash back in December 2010

To-Tam Sachika, Coco, Tanyka Renee, Angelina Pivarnick, To-Nya Sachika, Miss Jhane(up) and Candi Lynn back in December 2010

 Angelina who appeared in the first two seasons of  MTV's "Jersey Shore" got engaged on February 16th 2011 at the Fall 2011 showing of SACHIKA themed " The Awakening of A Swan". 

Angelina sat front row at our Fall 2011 collection showing titled 
The Awakening of a Swan"

The reality TV star's  boyfriend, David Kovacs,  got down on one knee and popped the question on the STYLE360 SACHIKA red carpet – while cameras rolled. We happened to be right next to her when this big moment happened! Angelina was completely surprised and said " Are you Serious?". She appeared very happy and shocked and of course said YES. "She covered her face with her hand and dropped the ring on the carpet because she was so nervous. He then picked her up and they hugged and kissed " and onlooker said. 

"He knows that's me and that I love Fashion Week," says Angelina. "So rather than just propose to me in front of people on the sidewalk somewhere in Manhattan, he knew it'd be memorable to do it during something that's a part of my life."

The first person she called after he put a ring on it was her mom, who started crying.
"She loves him, my family loves him," says Angelina.

David presented Angelina David an impressive 2.5 carat platinum rock - a real spakler! NICE! 

The couple have been friends for several years way before Angelina made her mark on Jersey Shore but have only been dating for months. That what makes this engagement so sweet.  David is an investment banker who is also in the process of doing Wall Street training. The two, both of Italian-Hungarian descent, grew up around the corner from each other in Staten Island, N.Y.

Despite their relatively new romance, Kovacs seemed confident that he was ready to make Pivarnick his wife: "When you make your mind up on something, you do it. I'm a lucky guy! I'm a very lucky guy."

The pair now live together in Manhattan.

"He's the sweetest guy I've ever met in my life," Pivarnick said of Kovacs. "He treats me with respect, he's like a real gentleman. He doesn't treat me like s--t like so many people have treated me in the past."

"When you know, you know," she says. "It's my life, and I'm happy with my life. It matters more about how you feel rather than how much time you've been together. Sometimes, people date for 10 years, get married and then divorce. I'm a big believer in that it's more about how you feel than how much time has gone by." says Angelina.

Congratulations Angelina and David! 

Angelina has already expressed that she would love for the SACHIKA twins to design & make her wedding dress.  


What's is Angelina working on right now?

"I have two hot singles coming out, one's a club hit here one's going to be crazy overseas," she says. "That first song that came out was, like, practice. This time I showed all I can give".

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  1. Congrats to Angelina and David!

  2. Proposal on a red carpet of a fashion show?!... original....

  3. typical pr move from d- lister who tries to steal spolight whenever she can don't hold your breath next time you see her on boob tube she is blacklisted