Friday, April 1, 2011

SACHIKA Webisode on

Latasha is wearing our SACHIKA Cindy dress

To-Tam is wearing our SACHIKA black Kira Romper

To-Nya is wearing OUR SACHIKA blue Tia romper

Dopfiles wrote about SACHIKA:

They go by “The Real Twins of NYC” and have reached a critical point of fame and success with their fashion line, “Sachika” in just two short years. Their names are To-Tam and To-Nya (tone-ya) Sachika and they have diabolically changed the fashion game. Their line pays close attention to the “modern woman’s” silhouette, and their website even displays a size chart so you can get the dress that truly and best suits your frame! Their art of creating pieces with impeccable style, elegance, shape, and designs are unmatchable, so it’s no surprise they are who they are today.

Special Thanks to Latasha Mercer from Dopefiles for the awesome webisode on SACHIKA!
We love it!

Jerseylicous' Tracy DiMarco on SACHIKA:

Sachika - Tracy Dimarco from Dope Files on Vimeo.

Adrienne Bailon on SACHIKA:

Sachika - Adrienne Bailon from Dope Files on Vimeo.

Adrienne Bailon is wearing our SACHIKA Vida skirt and Lace top
Photo by Tom Concordia

 VH1's Jennifer Williams on SACHIKA:

Sachika - Jennifer Williams from Dope Files on Vimeo.

Jennifer Williams is wearing our SACHIKA Sissy dress

Oxygen's Aubrey O'Day on SACHIKA:

Sachika - Aubrey O'Day from Dope Files on Vimeo.

Aubrey O'Day is wearing our SACHIKA Nicki dress

 International recording artist Kat Deluna on SACHIKA:

Sachika - Kat Deluna from Dope Files on Vimeo.

Kat Deluna is wearing our SACHIKA custom-made crystalized bodysuit

click here for the full webisode: SACHIKA on ( April 1st 2011)

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