Friday, June 17, 2011

SACHIKA TWINS to ACT in upcoming web series: The Truth Unspoken

To-Tam & To-Nya in a scene of The  Truth Unspoken

The Truth Unspoken is a suspence drama about a guy named Jay (Christopher Howard, One Life To Live) who wants to marry his girlfriend Tracy (Ebony J Lewis) but finds out she is being untruthful.  After the first 3 episodes aired on the web in March 2011, the audience couldn't wait for more.  After creator Ebony J Lewis got the opportunity to become a member of the Writers Guild of America (WGA) she decided to write and direct 7 more episodes, teaming up with casting director Winsome Sinclair to produce a full 10 episode series.

Things Get Steamy with To-Nya and a fellow cast mate in the web series
The SACHIKA Twins and Ebony share a laugh in a scene
More drama unfolds...To-Nya hereby with actor Tobias Truvillion

The series continues where it left off but is easy enough to jump in on with a full new cast joining this season.  Some new members include: Tobias Truvillion, the SACHIKA twins, Ty Hodeges, and Liris Crosse.

Spot the SACHIKA twins on the show's website here:

and in the Teaser here:

Check out what others have to say about the series so far...

More updates to follow on the web series release dates! 

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