Saturday, July 2, 2011

The making of SACHIKA- 2 years of living the American Dream

"It's all started with an idea...a concept...and a lot of determination, will-power and hard-work. Nothing ever came easy to us. Coming from a large family of 6 children, we always had to fight for our place...and now, we have been fighting for our place in this world! Believe in yourself, trust your vision, don't be afraid of failure, it comes with success, be consistent and enjoy the Journey! Our biggest accomplishment to date, is to follow our passion and to build our own destiny! You can do the same too! "

Much Love,

To-Tam & To-Nya

Our first docu-video, when we first started SACHIKA back in 2009
Video by Cyril Mahe

2 and half years later, we celebrate the opening of our LA showroom! Summer 2011
Video by Cyril Mahe

We have many projects coming up this fall! Be on the look out, SACHIKA has evolved into a lifestyle brand. We want to inspire and help people around us to accomplish their dreams!

SPECIAL SHOUT OUT TO OUR DEAR FRIEND CYRIL MAHE, also known as NIROSHIMA! He has been there since day 1 of our Journey and always supported us. Contact him for your video needs or branding needs!

Niroshima is also currently working on a romantic comedy wedseries titled " Back to Basics" which we are featured in as actresses. Make sure to support him!

Cyril Mahe /NIROSHIMA/ BlueShoes films

"Somewhere deep within you is a dream, a vision for how life can be. Let this day be when you begin to give it to the world"