Wednesday, August 17, 2011


To-Tam Sachika, Peter Max, To-Nya Sachika & Jeff Schmitz

at Peter Max's Studio in New York.

Today we had the honor of meeting the one and only Peter Max at his studio located in New York city. What an insightful meeting! Peter Max is an incredible artist, painter, pop icon named "Painter Laureate". Luckily for us, we arrived at his studio right when he was feeling creative as he was painting...yes we saw the Peter paint LIVE! 

One word: speechless!

 When saked about his inspirations,  Peter Max used to say his friends inspire him greatly. Today, Peter lets "ART HAPPEN TO HIM..." He just goes with the flow.  And the flows drives him to make magic!

Peter Max is one of the most public and accessible artists of our era. His appeal, like those of the most enduring icons, such as George Gershwin, Charlie Chaplin, Walt Disney and Bob Bob Dylan, spans all national demographics and has done so for several generations. His exhibitions have had record-smashing attendance at such venues as the de Young Museum, the Hermitage Museum, and the Moscow Academy of Art. Peter did more than 50 one-man museum exhibitions, 1000 magazine covers and he still does over 50 radio shows every month!

Max's colorful work as celebrated major events in the Arts, music, sports and the humanities.

Regardless of the subject, the art of Peter Max continues to convey the vision of a bright, creative, and substainable planet. His art is positive, loving and joyful.

Max became a cultural icon in the 60;s when his art ignited the imagination of an entire generation. Max was to Art what was Beatle to Music.

Max has painted many famous personalities in music, sports and entertainment such as Taylor Swift, Steven Tyler, Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Shaquille O'neal, Bob Dylan, Elton John, Bono, Martin Luther King, jr, The Dalai Lama as well as the last 6 presidents including Clinton & Obama.

Peter Max is just not an artist, he's an Icon" Larry King.


Max has championed the causes of peace, ecology, democracy, human and animal rights, and charity (donating over 180K to charity foundations) confirming that he is not only one of America's most prolific living artists, but also one of the most relevant.

We are so inspired to create and ...even PAINT! Who knows what the future holds...SACHIKA TWINS want to explore all artistic stay tuned!

Which is your favorite Peter Max's piece?

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  1. Peter is an amazing painter and visualizer

  2. @ fashiongirl88 yes he is amazing and I can see the inspiration that To'TAM AND To'nya have from this great artist

  3. my inspiration are the sachika twins and peter max. I love you both

  4. I hope one day me and my sister are like the Sachika Twins

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  6. what i can expect .. an amazing fashion show.. coming soon . mermaid paradise!!!

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