Sunday, January 22, 2012

Year of the water DRAGON!!! Happy Lunar New Year!




25 Jan 1925-12 Feb 1926
11 Feb 1937-30 Jan 1938
29 Jan 1949-16 Feb 1950
15 Feb 1961-04 Feb 1962
03 Feb 1973-22 Jan 1974
20 Feb 1985-08 Feb 1986

07 Feb 1997-27 Jan 1998


Did you ever see a flying Ox? Well, things could get a little wild for you this year! Your best bet may be to stay in the terminal, because you probably don't like the Dragon's style -- and you certainly don't enjoying Dragon-style crashing and burning. But you have three favorable months coming, with some lucky days ahead of you even in the unfavorable ones. The trick? For one thing, you'll have to dance to your own tune -- don't let the Dragon's recklessness draw you into something you'll regret. Also, be conservative, as the tried-and-true path is the right one for you this year. Above all, pick your spots. Begin new projects and do important things during the most favorable times, even if you have to wait a bit.


Adaptability is probably not one of your strongest traits, but it may be time to augment your flexibility skills. You might not be comfortable with the sudden changes that occur in a Dragon year. Circumstances at work could shift, whether that means a reorganization of the company, new colleagues or a set of unfamiliar responsibilities. All the upheaval could throw you for a loop. Can you manage your expectations and be a team player anyway? It's probably your best approach. Show a willingness to adjust and compromise. If you're finally ready to make a career leap, do it. You'll need to take action and be completely self-motivated, though. Remember that success usually follows a period of change and concentrated effort. You can do it. Just continue to be dependable and hard-working.


Your social life should provide enough highs this year to cancel out any lows. Water facilitates improved communication in relationships. Is it time to finally express your love? Maybe take the next step into marriage? Have kids? Family and domestic life should offer you a sense of comfort, and you may need it. People will lend support in unexpected ways, so take it! If you're single, this is a powerful year for socializing and mingling with new romantic prospects. You'll be feeling more outgoing than usual and will be able to forge strong bonds with new people, so join groups where you can meet others with whom you share common interests. The Dragon loves adventure, so step out of your shell.


Action is the name of the game in 2012. If life becomes overwhelming, your best bet is exercise. Were you a bit sedentary in the Year of the Rabbit? The Dragon loves power, passion and motion. Team sports might be a good option for you since they require you to be social and play with others. Make sure your diet is full of energy-sustaining foods, and try to avoid too much caffeine; if you do, you'll have all the energy you need. If you're a typical Ox, you probably approach fitness with the same consistency and fortitude with which you approach everything else in life. Keep it up -- you could reach an optimum level of health this year.


One area in which you'll enjoy an advantage this year is finance. You may not see a huge spike in your salary, but your fiscal conservatism should pay off. With more unfavorable than favorable months on the 2012 calendar, it's important that you strategize carefully. How much can you afford to save each month? Is there enough for vacation, gifts and the occasional big purchase? Luckily for you, you excel at planning ahead. The Dragon might encourage you to make impulsive purchases, but hold off unless you're sure you can afford it.

It appears to be an ever-changing year for the Ox although if you play your cards right and follow all the advice here the year 2012 can be good for wealth, career and general luck but you need to be careful throughout the year and work hard during this fast paced Dragon year.

Those Ox born in 1973 need to keep a very close eye on their spending in 2012, especially during public holidays. Your social life will take a big turn this year and will increase a great deal which can be a great opportunity for single oxen to find a new partner. 2012 offers good opportunities for the Ox and you can expect new relationships and even rekindle existing ones. Your year will be busy but leave some time for play and make sure you take plenty of rest. Please be careful with your spending in 2012 as your increase in social events can lead to overspending on social events.

Your busy lifestyle can cause you to become unhealthy in 2012 so please make sure to eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and get plenty of exercise, especially Oxen born in 1961.

Money can be good for Ox this year although you need to be very careful not to spend too much. If you are employed, job promotions could be on the cards but you will still need to prove yourself. For the Ox born in 1961 & 1973 be careful of relationships as a busy year can make you neglectful so be sure to spend as much time as possible with your loved ones.

Ox born in 1949 can expect good news in 2012 but they must be careful with paperwork and matters in the workplace throughout the year. Ox born in 1973 must take care of their health and consider a change in their diet and ensure you drink plenty of water especially if you live in a hot country. It may be a mixed year but whatever has been unresolved in the last few years will come to a head in 2012 and I think you will like the news.


05 Feb 1924–24 Jan 1925
24 Jan 1936–10 Feb 1937
10 Feb 1948–28 Jan 1949
28 Jan 1960–14 Feb 1961
15 Feb 1972–01 Feb 1973
02 Feb 1984–18 Feb 1985

19 Feb 1996–05 Feb 1997


Wow. The Water Dragon is so good for you, it even makes the Horse month favorable! And, yes, this could be one of your best years. There are probably only two ways you can mess it up: Sit it out and accomplish nothing memorable, or try to outdo the outlandish Dragon. Sure, this is a great time to take risks, but come on! You know the Dragon may be lucky, but it also crashes and burns more than most signs. Know you can walk away from the table a winner -- and this year, that applies to just about every area of your life. Anything to do with communication, networking or travel could lead you to your heart's desire. Don't let this opportunity pass you by. Fly with the Dragon and make your dreams come true!


Yes, things might have slowed down last year in your job. The Rabbit is all about being careful -- but not so this year! This could be the time you make humongous leaps and bounds when it comes to work. Those dreams can finally be realized, and no one can stop you. The Dragon thinks big. However, big risks can sometimes bring big failures, so make sure you know what you're doing before throwing caution to the wind. Use triple Water days to negotiate a raise or handle important business. Your enterprising tendencies are favored, so express your ideas and suggest changes at work. Be an innovator. Refresh your skills. Take some training courses in your field. Then, prepare to shoot up the ladder of success!


Was your love life a little bland last year? Expect romance to blossom and relationships to thrive now. The Dragon is in your animal-compatibility group, and this means that your love life should get a big boost -- surely you've been waiting for it! Now is the time for passion and action. Dive in head-first and move things to the next level. Water lends lovers better communication skills this year, which means long-standing problems can be resolved -- all the better to prepare you for tougher stuff ahead. Emotions will run high, and adventure will probably be the name of the game. The Dragon favors celebrations of all kinds, including marriage. Is now the time to take that leap? Give boredom the boot, spice things up and take some risks!


The Rabbit year probably tempted you to stay indoors and indulge some of your couch-potato tendencies. Well, get up and get moving already! It's pretty likely you'll have the energy for it since every single month is predicted to be favorable for you. Your health should be strong this year, but be careful about wearing yourself out or trying to prove something at the expense of your well-being. Make time for rest. Since life will move quickly, make plans early on to fit an exercise routine and nutritious meals in with all that traveling, gallivanting and networking. It's looking like a great year to try extreme sports such as mountain climbing or surfing. Channel your high energy into getting into peak shape. Remember, a healthy body means clarity and focus for achieving your goals!


Another reason to be jealous of you this year, Rat! Probably no other sign will fare as well as you will with money. Last year you likely put all your pawns in place, and this year you'll knock out your opponents' royalty pieces, one by one. Finally, you should have the money to live the life you've been dreaming of! You've been nurturing an orchard of ideas for several years, and now it's ready to produce big, luscious fruit. Be careful not to celebrate too lavishly, though, for if you're typical of your sign, you probably enjoy spending money as much as making it. Consider all offers before making big purchases -- you can probably afford to be picky.

The Rat has yet another very good year to look forward to throughout 2012, which is great news. Career and those in business for themselves will find that they quickly boost their career to a new level as long as they do not read this advice and decide to take a lazy approach and are sure to make themselves heard in the workplace.

Rats looking for work may find that their luck is taking a turn for the better as long as they are quick to approach the employers; this could lead to fast advancement within the company in 2012. There will be some amazing opportunities in 2012; you need to keep a very close eye on your spending in 2012. This year should be used as the year of saving for upcoming events like birthdays etc. and also saving for long term like a retirement fund or a big purchase that has to be made.
2012 will turn out to be a very sociable year for the Rat, especially with the fast paced year of the Dragon. The Rat will find that they have the ability to easily impress people and get along well with new people throughout 2012.
Single Rats can expect exciting times for romance this year especially those born in 1924 and 1984 (wood Rat) and even expect wedding plans, if you are a married or committed Rat you should be careful not to neglect your partner as with a successful year this can easily happen so make lots of time to spoil them. Overall, 2012 will be a superb year although you need to be careful with your health, make sure your diet is good and you drink plenty of water as problems with the stomach may occur particularly if you are a water Rat born in 1972. Make sure you leave time for yourself and try to relax more as stress can be an issue and you may feel down at times, whatever is on your mind right now it WILL pass and you are on or soon will be on the right path. Romance will be good for Rats born in 1984 but do not take things for granted.
Rats born in 1924 should be prepared to take rest when possible in 2012 and those born in 1960 need to be careful with their diets and be sure to get plenty of exercise in 2012. Younger Rats born in 1996 should be prepared to put a lot of time in when studying as the amount of effort you put in now, affects you in later life. Enjoy your year and remember they are not as bad as you think, give a little leeway on your side too, if you don’t know what I am talking about you will soon.


13 Feb 1926-01 Jan 1927
31 Jan 1938-18 Feb 1939
17 Feb 1950–05 Feb 1951
05 Feb 1962-24 Jan 1963
23 Jan 1974-10 Feb 1975
09 Feb 1986–28 Jan 1987

28 Jan 1998-15 Feb 1999


Okay, the Dragon is probably not exactly your style. But admit it -- you like it nonetheless. After all, you'd fly if you could. In Chinese astrology, the Dragon rules the Eastern sky, while the Tiger rules the Western. You're almost bosom buddies. Not only that, it's a Water year, and that's your most favorable element. Luck is with you! And, nine favorable months should give you a ton of great opportunities. As long as you don't get carried away by every wild scheme the Dragon cooks up, you should do well. Anything to do with communication, networking or travel could lead to your heart's desire. This is a year during which you'll want to be active. Make a commitment. Begin new projects. Be bold. Take chances. It's time to live your dreams!


One thing is almost certain: work should be much more exciting than last year. The Rabbit moves much more slowly than you're accustomed to, so you're ready for some action throughout this Dragon year! Your work life could take off if you ride this high energy while still being careful where you step. Impulsiveness could get the best of you this year, but it could also work to your advantage. It's a time to shine and be a leader, but don't try to overpower everyone or assume you know best. Make career moves in your lucky months and be a team player in your unlucky ones. Merge your talents and try to make friends with the enemy -- it could lead to a lucky partnership or business deal.


Passion and lust should be abundant for you this year! In fact, your love life will get the boost it needs, whether you're planning a wedding or just looking for some kind of commitment. Impulsive love affairs may not last if you're single (the Dragon can't always finish what it starts), but they could turn out to be sizzling hot! Changes on the relationship front are likely, but what those look like exactly will be personal to you. Since the Dragon is a karmic sign, fate may step in and shake things up. Regardless, your love life should be busy, inspiring and full of epic moments. Are you ready?


Your presence is in high demand this year, but don't let that derail you from your personal needs -- especially when it comes to your health. It's a good time to consider what you want to change in order to develop more positive exercise and nutrition habits. Don't let the adventurous spirit of a Dragon year throw you off balance from your central core. In other words, stay in touch with your inner world and lead yourself through your intuition and keen senses. You'll need a strong and healthy body-mind connection to be at your best in all areas of life.


If you were conservative in the year of the Rabbit, you might feel like it's time to spend in the year of the Dragon. However, this isn't necessarily the case, so try to hold off on buying that time-share vacation property in the Caribbean or a new luxury vehicle. Instead, exercise caution and make sure you read all the fine print before committing to something you may later regret. Don't be lax about who you trust or where you put your money. And can you fight your inner impulsiveness? If so, you could actually get ahead this year -- although it will require extra effort on your part.

2012 can be a very rewarding year for the Tiger as long as they are able to stop their impulsive nature from getting them in to trouble. Tigers will find that they have a lot more input in to their work place this year with their bright and promising ideas and it will work well in their favour if they put these ideas into fruition as your extra effort will go a long way in 2012 and this could lead to a promotion for the Tiger. For Tigers seeking employment, be sure to keep your head up as great things come to those who wait; It may seem very hard to find work during this year but there are a lot of good opportunities arising for the Tiger with new employment.

Romance plays a strong part in the Tigers life in 2012 with many single Tigers discovering new love in the most unexpected of places this year; just be sure to take things slow and not jump straight in to a relationship in 2012 as this could burn out quite fast. For Tigers in relationships and even married Tigers, you must make sure to spend time with your other half and your family throughout 2012 and be sure not to let new advancements in work take precedence over your home life.

Tigers born in 1950 should be sure to make time to relax with friends and family in 2012 as there is a risk of Metal Tigers over working themselves this year. Earth Tigers born 1938 will have to be very careful when signing contracts in 2012 as there is a risk of loss of wealth so be sure to always read the small print! Tigers born in 1962 may like to plan their 50th Birthday celebrations in 2012, maybe with a trip with loved ones; this could turn out to be a great event but please be careful to only spend as much as you can afford.


02 Feb 1927-22 Jan 1928
19 Feb 1939-07 Feb 1940
06 Feb 1951-26 Jan 1952
25 Jan 1963-12 Feb 1964
11 Feb 1975-30 Jan 1976
29 Jan 1987-16 Feb 1988

16 Feb 1999-04 Feb 2000

hare / rabbit

True, the Dragon's pace isn't as comfortable as that of the Rabbit. And yes, this year could be a bit more challenging for you than the last one. But come on, you're looking at seven favorable months! You'll have plenty of opportunities to do what you want and go where you like -- and be successful while you're at it. For now, it's all about timing. Pick your spots, plan celebrations, make big trips and start new projects during your favorable months. And when the unfavorable ones roll around, head for the comfort of your Rabbit hole, where you can avoid risk, spend time with the people you trust the most, and be comfortable with the old while waiting to start the new.


Oh boy. The Dragon is always tempting everyone to make big changes and take huge leaps ... but this really isn't the time for you to follow in his footsteps. Things will shift and change a whole lot in 2012, so your job will be to find steady ground and hang on for dear life. Stay within your areas of expertise. Do what you're good at and what will generate the most money. Don't implement any big business ideas or career moves just yet; if you insist on doing so, wait until your lucky months to make changes. Persistent effort should pay off.


Are you on edge about your love life? Indeed, Dragon years have that type of effect. For you, the Dragon's passion and impulsiveness are a little unnerving, as you prefer when people are calm and act rationally. Luckily, Water gives relationships a boost by helping with communication. The good news is the Dragon favors marriage and celebrations. Do you hear wedding bells? This could be your year to take the big leap into love. If you're single, 2012 could be a roller coaster of interesting dates and several different relationships. Be cautious about professing your love right away -- the Dragon loves passion, but it can be fleeting. Hang on tightly and try to enjoy the ride!


It's possible your nervous tendencies could be heightened this year, so make sure you take care of yourself and your mental state. The Dragon's devil-may-care attitude probably makes you quiver; you can also expect others to act slightly crazy and unpredictable. Make time for quiet introspection and ensure your home is a place of refuge. If you have the energy, take up a high-intensity activity such as Bikram yoga or marathon-running. Channel nervous energy into healthy outlets, and keep an eye on your nutrition. After all, the Dragon tends to overdo it and indulge.


You probably don't need any warnings about your finances -- after all, you certainly have a way with money. If you can remain savvy about your finances, you might even do well this year -- that is, if you're able to avoid the Dragon's influence for big risks and impulsive purchases. It could be tempting to make costly home upgrades or book an expensive vacation. Use your lucky months for any necessary big spending, but don't go crazy with it.

It will be a mixed year for the Rabbit with a few ups and downs. Although this sounds like there will be many problems in 2012, I would not worry too much as a lot of these can be avoided if you take the advice on this page. You must try and be as well planned as possible in 2012 as the fast pace of the Dragon year may get a bit too much for you if you have not thoroughly planned for the upcoming year ahead. This can cause problems in business, relationships or career where you feel rushed in to something that you are a bit unsure about commitments so make sure that you are sure of what you are doing before committing yourself to contracts or relationships.

In business and career you should concentrate on what you have already and not think too much about the grass being greener on the other side, as it is not a good idea to start new big projects or leave your current job and search for new jobs in 2012. There will always be exceptions to this and if you do move job or start a new business do not worry. Rabbits need to take care of health and diet this year and this is a year of fast pace so it would be beneficial for Rabbits to give up smoking, start a better diet or do more exercise. Rabbits will need to keep a close eye on their finances in 2012 and should be careful of taking risks or gambling especially with stocks and shares;  Rabbits born in 1951 will be in for a good year when it comes to home life. 2012 can be a great time for refurbishment within the home for the Metal Rabbit but please make sure you check along side the Tong Shu Almanac for the best time to do so and also check that your finances will allow you to do so. If you were born in 1975 need to be careful when making big decisions in 2012 although I am sure it will turn out to be a great year.

This is a good year to learn new skills or hobby and perfect for study and taking exams as it can lead to a change in career that you will benefit from. Health problems will normally relate to the heart and joints; please just be careful and remember to maintain a good diet and get lots of exercise. This fast paced year, you must not let yourself stagnate, work hard without affecting health and if you are in a position try and spend time travelling this year in business or pleasure, I know it easy for me to say as you are probably feeling tired but it will get better very soon and you will have good times ahead and stop worrying about others and spend some time on yourself this year. Falling down is not defeat; defeat is when you refuse to get up.


23 Feb 1928-09 Feb 1929
08 Feb 1940-26 Jan 1941
27 Jan 1952-13 Feb 1953
13 Feb 1964-01 Feb 1965
31 Jan 1976-17 Feb 1977
17 Feb 1988-15 Feb 1989

05 Feb 2000-23 Jan 2001


Did you find things going more slowly than you wanted last year? That can happen when the Rabbit is in charge. You can forget all that now, as this year is the time of the your own sign, Dragon! Chances are you'll love the pace and all the action. Your year ahead has a 60 percent favorable rating. That's good, but far from outstanding. So, what gives? First, the Dragon is a karmic sign, which means you're going to have more than your share of high highs and low lows. Not only that, but if you're a typical Dragon, you enjoy taking risks. Dashing and daring is fine, but you know you can't sink every long shot. Don't get carried away or overconfident ... but do have a good year. After all, you own it!


Your enterprising personality and sheer enthusiasm are perfect for the year ahead. It's your time to shine! Important changes could take place with work -- a promotion, a shift in responsibilities or even an entirely new job. Progress might start slowly, but you can expect major shifts over time. Take the direct approach if there's a company you want to work for or a field you'd like to explore. What makes you the best candidate for a job? Your positive attitude, creativity and boundless energy, of course, so be sure to show off those characteristics. It makes sense to go after whatever stirs your soul and piques your curiosity. You could gain a greta deal just by putting yourself out there this year.


Did you resolve some relationship issues in the year of the Rabbit? Hopefully so, as it was the perfect time to mend fences. By now, you should be on a path toward new -- or renewed -- love. There could be a big reason to celebrate this year since the Dragon loves weddings and parties! Start tasting cakes and comparing venues! If you're single, prepare to be swept off your feet -- perhaps more than once. It could be a social and vibrant time for you on the dating scene; just keep in mind that passionate affairs can lose their luster quickly with the Dragon's influence. If you're looking for something serious, take things slowly and don't settle for less. It's quite possible that the love of your life will cross your path this year.


Amid all the fun and games this year, remember that your body is your temple. Don't let the long hours of starting your business or socializing with new friends affect your sleep. Be sure to schedule periods of rest -- put them on your calendar next to your weekly meal plans, exercise classes and dedicated downtime. You probably won't want to slow down, but you'll burn out if you don't maintain some balance. All in all, you will probably feel healthy, strong and vibrant during your good months, and not too shabby during your unfavorable ones.


You probably hate routine ... but what if being boring could bring you riches this year? Draw up a savings schedule for yourself. Give yourself a weekly budget and spend with cash so you don't go over it. Don't blow extra money on home improvements and upgrades. If you do all this, you could reap the benefits of a lucky year by coming out very far ahead! Good fortune is predicted for you, but pushing the limits could send it crashing down into ruin. So, be smart. If the thought of budgeting your money and making expense lists gives you anxiety, hire someone to help you get organized. It should pay off in the end.

The Dragon will have a great start to 2012 with an extremely positive attitude and this will work very much so towards their favour. If you are keen to do well this year and set plans to stone fairly early in the year, then you can get a great deal accomplished in 2012. There will be many opportunities for the Dragon to work their way up in their profession this year and this has the possibility of big advancements in the work place. There will possibly be doors opening that you thought had closed a long time ago, the most important thing to remember is to spot a good opportunity when it comes and do not overlook the small print of any offer. Dragons seeking work should look forward to new promotion this year as long as they aren’t afraid to work their way up; remember, every artist was once an amateur!

2012 is a fast moving year so be sure to seize an opportunity when it comes your way. This may came in the form of learning new skills and expanding your existing ones by training and taking a hands on approach. This has the possibility of accumulating good finances this year as long as you do not take a lazy approach by sitting back and letting things pass you by; if you commit to something, this may come back to reward you with a gift of money or a bonus at work. Please keep an eye on your finances this year as the Dragon year is a very fast paced on and overspending can easily happen.

You can look forward to a good and rewarding year with many new friends coming to you in 2012 and this is also a great chance to strengthen existing friendships as it can become easy to neglect loved ones and friends when your social circle grows. Your new increase in your social life bring great promise to finding new love this year and as for Dragons already in relationships, 2012 can be a good year to advance in your relationship.

2012 will overall, be a great year for the Dragon so be sure to work hard and enjoy the rewards from this. Please keep an eye on your diet in 2012 as the fast paced year can make it easy to get in to a bad diet so be sure to eat plenty of healthy food and exercise as much as you can. Dragons born in 1940 should be sure to consider all possibilities when signing contracts in 2012 and discuss it with a professional or loved ones before signing anything. Dragons born in 1952 may feel that their talents are not of much use to them but believe me they are; put all of your skills to use in 2012 and be sure to reap the rewards.


10 Feb 1929-29 Jan 1930
27 Jan 1941-14 Feb 1942
14 Feb 1953-02 Feb 1954
02 Feb 1965-20 Jan 1966
18 Feb 1977-06 Feb 1978
16 Feb 1989-26 Jan 1990

24 Jan 2001-11 Feb 2002


Funny thing: The Dragon and Rabbit are as different from one another as night and day, yet you're looking at your second year in a row with a 65 percent favorability rating. Count your blessings, Snake. There is a difference, though: Last year was probably more to your taste, but this one is more likely to result in greater success! Hopefully you charged your batteries and made some good plans while the Rabbit was in charge, because now you have ten good months in which to accomplish big things. Strike out in new directions. Be daring. Let yourself get swept up in the high-flying Dragon's enthusiasm.


You're not a huge fan of change, but this year could bring it anyway. After all, the Dragon's influence favors bold ideas and taking action. Is your career in need of a makeover? Are you considering a new line of work? Whatever the case, think long and hard about what you really want to do -- and how you'll get there. Things might not progress as quickly as you'd like, but a little perseverance can pay off. Sure, not all your attempts to try different things will work out, but it's important you make the effort anyway. A big shift might completely switch the direction of your work life, so be open to changing paths!


Your love life might seem demanding this year. The turning point that could hit your career may also shift your relationship into a new phase. The Dragon is a big fan of marriage and celebrations -- is it time to tie the knot? If so, it could be an exciting and busy time for you and your partner. If you're single, are you ready to mingle? It's up to you how your dating life will shake out. If you're willing to socialize more, things could very well pick up. Or maybe you'd rather retreat and work on yourself. Whichever path you choose, some big breakthroughs are bound to happen!


You'll have to take initiative with your health this year. Don't expect to feel great and look fantastic if you stop exercising and eating healthy. It may be time for a serious look at your habits. Make a conscious effort to get back into high gear. Join an exercise class or a team sports league. Your accomplishments in other areas could be compromised if you don't keep your health and fitness at a high enough level. Give yourself every possible advantage by taking good care of your body.


When it comes to your finances, you might see some modest gains this year. Did you hunker down and save during the year of the Rabbit? With so much happening this year, you might be tempted to jump into a get-rich-quick scheme or board an international flight or two. Instead, you'll want to stop, think and strategize. Keep your guard up when it comes to your money and who you're dealing with. The Dragon can favor irrational behavior, so resist those impulses until you've thoroughly thought them through. You can certainly come out ahead with a little planning and conservative financial behavior.

The Snake will have a good year with only a few little hiccups. There are plenty of opportunities where success can be attained but hard work and discipline is expected on the part of the Snake. Use your natural foresight and intelligence and do not let success blind you to the correct path. Due to the influence of distractions, the Snake needs to focus on tasks in hand. Do not rush into decisions without thinking them through.

Although your year will be good you will still need to work hard although not too hard as this can come at a price, please take time to relax and try and do some exercise like Tai Chi etc, your mind and body will need looking after in 2012 and you may even be looking at changing your career path so expect some unusual feelings of changing direction. Those settled in their career may be given the opportunity to advance in their work place through the form of working closely with people in higher positions and should take this chance if they are happy with it.

This will be a busy year and whilst all should go well with career and finance you can overlook partner's needs, so make sure you make time for loved ones whether it is your wife, boyfriend, Mother, Sister or best friend. A good year for finances and investments but make sure you read the small print as the annual stars suggest legal issues and back stabbing so be careful. Make sure you leave time for yourself and try to relax more as stress can be an issue and you may feel down at times, whatever is on your mind right now it WILL pass. Be sure to keep an eye on your diet in 2012 and be sure to get plenty of exercise as Snakes can become lazy this year if they do not keep an eye on their personal health.

Take extra care with investments this year and whilst money luck is strong you should be careful with stocks and shares or any other form of investment gambling, do not invest more than you can afford to lose and make sure all documents are checked over many times before signing, you have risk of a fraud attempt on you. Enjoy 2012 and make hay while the sun shines and don’t worry about the decisions you have to make they will be resolved soon and try and take up some tai chi-meditation or similar to stop that chitter chatter that goes on in your head.


30 Jan 1930-16 Feb 1931
15 Feb 1942-04 Feb 1943
03 Feb 1954-23 Jan 1955
21 Jan 1966-08 Feb 1967
07 Feb 1978-27 Jan 1979
27 Jan 1990-14 Feb 1991

12 Feb 2002-31 Jan 2003


Things are looking up for you this this year, Horse! After all, it's certainly more exciting to fly with the Dragon than go bunny-hopping with the Rabbit. You've got ten favorable months to go out and do whatever it takes to bring yourself happiness. Success? You bet -- and in many different areas of your life! And since it's a Water year, travel, education, networking and communication could all be great for you. Take some chances. Try something different. Make a commitment. Your two biggest mistakes would be to either hold back or get too carried away with the Dragon's unbridled enthusiasm. The Dragon's fast pace can be oh-so-appealing for your tastes -- don't be afraid to go with it, but do stay under control and know when to put on the brakes.


Does it feel like the past year has been preparing you for something great? As you leap into the Dragon year, it's time to take action. In fact, you can probably land that big promotion or start that company you've been dreaming of. Just be careful once you get there. Being on top feels good, sure, but you might lose sight of the work it took to get there. Don't let the Dragon's brashness get the best of you. Get yourself familiar with any new duties at your current job and study the terrain ahead before you charge forth. If you're a wise and knowledgeable leader, the rest will fall into place.


Couldn't you use a little romance? This year could bring big changes in your love life. The Dragon loves weddings, parties and pretty much any reason to celebrate, so there's a good chance you'll hear wedding bells or see the dazzle of a new romance lighting up your life. If you're typical of your sign, you might not be keen on settling down, but now is the time to work through any relationship issues by either moving forward or cutting ties for good. If you're single, some hot and heavy affairs could punctuate the year. As long as you remember they might be short-lived, have fun!


After a subdued Rabbit year, you might feel the need to overcompensate with a busy schedule. Are you busting at the seams to work, travel, socialize, plan and network? Whoa, Horse. Sure, you can get yourself jazzed up through larger-than-life Dragon energy, but don't drive yourself into the ground. A lot will be required of you this year, so make health and fitness two of your top priorities. You may have the kind of personality that prefers fast-paced action sports, but you may want to try some mind-body activities, such as yoga or meditation, this year. It's a Water year, so swimming or kayaking are smart choices as well. Finally, be careful about eating fast food -- or not eating at all -- as you burn the midnight oil.


You're set to do well in your career this year, but you'll need to watch your spending. The name of the game is restraint, and while it's not a word native to your species, it's time you learned and lived it. In a Dragon year, it can be easy to spend beyond your means. After all, with big things happening, why not indulge a little, right? Here's why: You could lose big! Things may not be as straightforward as they seem, so get your facts straight before jumping into investment opportunities or signing contracts. If you can practice playing things on the safe side, it's likely you'll come out ahead.

2012 will be a mixed year for the horse this year and I would advise all Horses to be careful throughout 2012 although it has the potential to be a great year. If success is to be attained, it should be approached with a calm pace and you should not rush in to anything as 2012 brings a chance for the Horse to lose wealth when hastily jumping in to a new venture. It really will be a mixed year but overall you will be just fine. Concentration and hard work are a must in order for it to be a successful year. Beware of over-indulgence and be sure to eat plenty of healthy food and get lots of exercise in 2012. You will also find it hard to retain money so keep a tight rein on expenses to get the best out of this year.

This may be a year for saving rather than acquiring. Do not make judgements on others at work too hastily and exercise patience especially at home for there are indications of possible disharmony both at work and at home. There will be opportunities for the Horse to develop and climb higher on the work ladder in 2012 but please approach opportunities with caution as this can lead to arguments if you do not keep calm in times of stress and deadlines.

This is a year of carefulness; avoid risks both physically and financially although Horse born in 1942 can expect some windfall. In April and May you can expect some good news but you must make of the most of the good times as there are some months you will need to stay strong, follow the advice monthly on this website and place your annual cures and enhancers. Stay focused this year, there is nothing to worry about just think about all your actions.

Horse born in 1942 and 1990 should be careful of health in 2012 and try and make some changes to your lifestyle especially if you have a bad diet or smoke, lung problems are a potential danger to Horse born in 1954 so please take note and if you are still smoking now is a good time to give up. Too often the Horse will spend a lot of time helping others without any thanks but remember to the world, you may be one person, but to one person, you may be the world, you cannot please everyone, concentrate on those that matter most and this also includes YOU.


17 Feb 1931-05 Feb 1932
05 Feb 1943-24 Jan 1944
24 Jan 1955-11 Feb 1956
09 Feb 1967-29 Jan 1968
28 Jan 1979-15 Feb 1980
15 Feb 1991-03 Feb 1992

01 Feb 2003-21 Jan 2004


The Dragon's going to stir up a lot of action for you this year, making your life more hectic than it was last year when the gentle Rabbit was in charge. Now, this doesn't mean you have to fall in line with the crowd -- quite the opposite. You may be looking at only four favorable months, but if you think about it, that's enough. How many times are you going to change jobs, get married or buy a new home in one year? Go after the big stuff in those four good months, then stick with what you've been doing throughout the rest. At those times, go with the people with whom you feel most comfortable, and stay away from risk-taking. You know plenty of ways to enjoy yourself without getting wild. Relax -- three good years are coming your way after this one.


The Dragon is famous for sweeping changes, so don't be surprised if there's a flurry of activity surrounding your career. Your first instinct might be to bury your head in the ground and go about your own business. Instead, be mindful of what's happening around you. What's going on? What needs to change? The best way to roll with the changes is to focus on what you're good at for now, while preparing for goals and new projects without acting just yet. The name of the game is persistence. Keep at it and take initiative where you need to. You just might be surprised at how well things turn out!


The Dragon is known for honesty, so be ready to bare all this year when it comes to your feelings. Also, your personal life could be marked with periods of stress, so you may be tempted to put on your cranky hat and leave the party early. Stick it out, though -- the amount of love and support in your midst is likely to astound you. Are you still hemming and hawing about a relationship? It's time to take it to the next level or cut ties completely. It's also a good year to follow your heart ... but only after careful consideration of where it might lead you. Lean on family and friends if you need advice. If you're single, this could be an active, whirlwind time for dating, so step out of your shell!


After a quiet Rabbit year, you should have more energy now. This is good, because you're going to need it! When it comes to your health, it will be important to find positive ways to release stress and clear your mind. Now is the perfect time to dabble in mind-body pursuits such as yoga and meditation. Strengthen your relationship with nature. It's a Water year, so swimming, kayaking or snorkeling might also be fun to try. Make your well-being a priority. A sound body and mind can help you make the best possible decisions and further your success in all areas. Take breaks when necessary, and channel your energy into fulfilling activities that nourish you.


The Dragon favors enterprising pursuits. Income could roll in from new projects or a shift in investments, but be careful about making changes too quickly. You might have spent too much in the year of the Rabbit, so take stock of where things stand at year's beginning. This may be the time to seriously consider hiring a tax accountant or buying budgeting software to help you track every dollar. Whatever it looks like, get a system in place and use it! You may find you can cut back in many different areas. Finally, know what you're getting into when signing business deals or upsizing your financial realm. You can easily remain stable with some foresight and common sense.

2012 will be a year of career and financial gains for the Goat, you should try to save where possible throughout this year if you follow this advice and work hard and smart, you could accumulate a large sum. There could be a lot of activity this year at work; you will find that a project that has previously brought you a lot of stress and taken up a lot of your time will bring out many of your positive qualities to the attention of you and others around you. If you are going to take on a new responsibility you should be warned that you will need to learn new skills at a fast speed although this will be very beneficial to you especially if you are given the chance to go on a training course.

You will find yourself meeting a lot of new people in 2012 and you will find that you win a lot of them over with your ability to relate to others. You may meet new people this year that you could build a strong friendship with including a romantic relationship that could lead to a serious commitment.

You will benefit from learning new skills; this could be anything from reading a new book to studying a new talent. 2012 is a great time for using your initiative and going ahead with new opportunities. The Goat will take a lot of pride in their new purchases throughout this year but should remember to not make too many impulsive purchases and should not rush into buying something, as you may find that 56 inch plasma television not the best investment you made and neither is it good for the health of our planet so stay small and cautious in 2012! Make sure you research any large purchases before you commit to buying, as you may end up spending more money this year than you can afford to. If you EVER have any doubts in financial situations throughout this year, please seek advice as this could save you a great deal of time and money.

At home this year, you will need to have flexibility with plans as there will be a lot of activity in your home in this fast paced Dragon year. If you find it possible, take a holiday with a loved one this year, you will benefit from the change of scenery even if you do not go very far. Romance will be very good for you this year, especially if you are looking to get married. Love is very strong for the Goat in 2012 although there is the possibility that a married Goat could find a short term relationship with another person.

Those born in 1991 should spend the beginning of the year preparing for an increase in social events. Those born in 1943 should try to share their advice with friends and loved ones people they trust as they will benefit from this. Those born in 1955 need to keep an eye out for new opportunities as there will be plenty in 2012. Those born in 1967 should not linger in the past as a lot can happen for you when you are willing to move on. Those born in 1979 should spend more time with those who are close to you and take opportunities when they come along. A lost friend or even a family member that became detached may bring good news in 2012 and it is a great year to mend broken bridges, it really is worth contacting lost friends to try and reconcile, expect a great year in 2012.


06 Feb 1932-25 Jan 1933
25 Jan 1944-12 Feb 1945
12 Feb 1956-30 Jan 1957
30 Jan 1968-16 Feb 1969
16 Feb 1980-04 Feb 1981
04 Feb 1992-22 Jan 1993

22 Jan 2004-08 Feb 2005

12 out of 12 favorable months this year? That's right -- it's time for the Monkey to shine! The spotlight and all the success that comes with it are yours for the taking. All you need to do is simply go for it. You can make good things happen in almost every area of your life. Since it's a Water year, travel, education, networking and communication could all turn out to be exceptional for you. Enroll in a course. Try something new. Turn your biggest dream into your reality! But beware: Sometimes the Dragon's schemes are so outlandish that crashing and burning is the likeliest outcome. Can you exercise a little restraint? Live on the edge ... but be careful about leaning too far over it.


What you set in motion last year is about to become bigger as you move into a time of positive change. You've probably been working towards success for some time now; however, big leaps will only turn into successes if you take the first step and pick up momentum from there. You'll have to be proactive about work this year. Have you been considering a big career move? That resourceful nature of yours is your best asset right now. Show a willingness to go big, but be calculating at the same time. The Dragon loves drama, so be a team player. Finally, act wisely and in the interest of your loved ones -- not just yourself.


Cheers to new beginnings! Last year you might have hit some relationship roadblocks that left you feeling stuck and frustrated. Not so this year. Expect to move full-speed ahead while preparing for a big shift in your love life. The Dragon favors celebrations, so this may be the time to start a family, get engaged or begin a lasting romance. Passion should reign supreme, but don't get too carried away. Your greatest joys will be found in day-to-day living, which, for you, could be more fulfilling and satisfying than ever this year. There will be options to explore, parties to attend and plenty of sparkle in your love life, so go for it!


High energy is virtually limitless for you this year! You should be able to feed your curiosity with all kinds of new things, and your health is no exception. You might pick up a new sport or embark on a journey of better health. Whether it's going vegetarian or switching to strictly green cleaning products, you'll want to consider becoming more conscious of holistic living. Such awareness will serve you well during this very busy year. Also, outdoor adventures will keep your spirits up and your body strong. Since it's a Water year, consider swimming or kayaking as another activity. Remind yourself that a healthy mind-body connection is essential for success in all areas.


Luck should be with you a great deal this year, but you probably love spending your money just as much as you love making it. Be careful you don't jump the gun! Instead, see how things shake out first. A little caution can go a long way this year. If you're thinking about big home improvements or personal purchases, do your homework before committing to something. It might be better to wait to see what appears down the road. If you celebrate your successes modestly, it's very likely you'll come out ahead.

 This will be a year of romance, career, wealth and many other exciting opportunities, all sounds too good to be true? There will be a few drawbacks that you need to be aware of and providing you take my advice you will enjoy a good year.
Your success this year all depends on how hard you want to work for it. As long as you can apply yourself to your work in 2012, this year offers many rewards for the Monkey in the work place. It will work to your advantage if you make sure that you are constantly in the know of recent developments so that you can use your skills and apply them to this. Unemployed Monkeys may find themselves in a great position in a new work place this year if they stay determined and keep a positive attitude in interviews.
It is a good idea to avoid unnecessary purchases throughout 2012 where possible and save the money instead.

Romance is promising this year for the Monkey. Relationships should be good for single and committed Monkeys and this is not just for romance it also relates to career and business. Increase this by making sure you enhance the southwest of your home or bedroom. Be careful with your diet throughout the year as it is possible for the fast paced Dragon year to pass by too fast for the Monkey to notice a decline in their health so make sure you get lots of exercise and eat healthily in 2012. You may feel the last few years have brought some ups and downs but remember “smooth seas do not make skilful sailors”, you need some of the experiences you have been going through in the last few years to build who you are today, very soon all will be well.


26 Jan 1933-13 Feb 1934
13 Feb 1945-01 Feb 1946
31 Jan 1957-17 Feb 1958
17 Feb 1969-05 Feb 1970
05 Feb 1981-24 Jan 1982
23 Jan 1993-09 Feb 1994

9 Feb 2005-28 Jan 2006


You're looking at a year of opportunities and challenges, and it's up to you to be smart about it. The Dragon brings luck, and Water favors the Rooster. You should also be happy that the coming year will be much better than the last one -- indeed, the Rabbit is hardly your friend. You'll probably do best by focusing on education, networking, communication and travel, as these tend to bring good results in a Water year. You'll also want to take care of important things during your five favorable months. If you can play things right, you'll be fine.


In what could turn out to be a so-so year, you actually have a lot of control over your career. The Dragon often brings big changes, so prepare to step outside the box and do some creative thinking. It's possible to land that promotion, and it's feasible to switch career paths -- you'll just have to take complete initiative. If there are circumstances holding you back or skills you lack, now is the time to charge forward and make improvements. Be alert for opportunities and make it your mission to network with the right people. Finally, be enterprising, step up to the plate and show your worth to the team!


On the love front, it's probably going to be a busy year ahead for you. Did you know the Dragon loves weddings? Well, actually, the Dragon loves any reason to celebrate, so you might be attending some engagement parties -- or even throwing your own. If you're single, this year should stand out as a passionate, memorable one in which meaningful growth occurs or a lasting relationship is started. If you're already attached, you might experience some drama during your unfavorable months, but you should be able to work through any issues just fine. Demands on your time will threaten to diminish the romance, however, so make sure you keep those embers burning.


There may be times this year when you feel out of control (thanks to the Dragon), and this may affect your mental and emotional state. Because of this, be sure to take excellent care of your health. Channel your energy into exercise, especially hardy sports such as kickboxing or mountain biking. Release stress with a hard workout, and don't let your diet suffer during any rough spots you may encounter. A clear mind and strong body will be necessary if you want to meet your lofty goals this year.


It seems you could come out ahead in 2012, although it may not become clear until the second half of the year. In the meantime, be more resourceful than ever as you use your practical, conservative Rooster tendencies to stay afloat. The Dragon may tempt you into making major home improvements or buying expensive outfits. Instead, make use of what you have. You might still be playing catch up from last year, so be smart in this one. Then sit back and smile if that money rolls right in during the second half of the year -- you'll have earned it!

This will turn out to be a great year for The Rooster. Opportunities and success await you and seeds you planted in 2011 will now come to fruition. Coupled with Roosters natural passion and drive, the year 2012 will take you to great heights. Those in employment may see promotion, provided they keep away from and are not influenced by inauspicious sectors of the house.

Whilst luck is with you, take good advantage of the positive outlook of the year and make a true effort in your endeavours. Obstacles and difficulties are not completely non-existent. Face each one as it comes decisively and confidently as they can easily be overcome. Take good care of health as there is a tendency to overworking 2012 so make sure that you get plenty of rest and also try to stick to a good diet and get plenty of exercise whenever possible. When walking the success path, be charitable to those less fortunate than you.

This a great year to aim for promotion and advancement in your work place; you will find opportunities are high in 2012 and you may get a little confused on what to do, think carefully and always speak to a partner or friend, you may find it hard to make decisions in 2012 but if you speak to others they will guide you well. This is a good year to learn how to meditate or just relax, take plenty of time out for yourself as whilst the year is good you can feel a little down at times. Wear a necklace or bracelet that is made from hematite, this will enhance you.

Those of you born in 1945 should seek the help of professionals when necessary as it is essential to avoid risks during this busy year. Whilst the year overall will be good you should look at some lifestyle changes, our health always seems much more valuable after we lose it and health is not always associated with the body, your mind is a huge part of your body and be sure to keep your mind free from stress and worry. Take up walking, exercise anything that is different to what you have been doing and don’t worry all will be well with that problem.


14 Feb 1934-03 Feb 1935
02 Feb 1946-21 Jan 1947
18 Feb 1958-07 Feb 1959
06 Feb 1970-26 Jan 1971
25 Jan 1982-12 Feb 1983
10 Feb 1994-30 Jan 1995

29 Jan 2006-17 Feb 2007


Every 12 years the Dragon shows up and rains on your parade. But take heart: At least you have one favorable month this year, as well as two others that are not so bad. In a year like this, timing is incredibly important. Plan your big events during those three months ... and keep alow profile throughout the other nine. You'll also increase your chances of success if you simply go with the flow. In a Water year, education, networking, communication and travel are favorable, so you'll have your best chance for success if you focus on these. A conservative approach is likely to be your smartest move this year, so hold off on risk-taking, exploring new areas or making major commitments.


There's only one thing you need to remember when it comes to your career this year: Rock the boat. Last year you made some headway in your career, and now it's time to familiarize yourself with new responsibilities before placing your nose on the grindstone and making real progress. The Dragon will try to trick you into effecting sweeping changes, but with many unfavorable months this year, you're better off telling the Dragon to back off! By rising to challenging tasks this year, you can put yourself in a great position at the start of 2013.


Your home life should be fulfilling this year, mainly because you'll want to lean on your loved ones a little more than usual. This is a good development for you, though, since you'll be able to find out who your true friends are, and whether or not love will last. The Dragon favors marriages and celebrations, so there might be something big looming on the romance front. If you're single, it may feel like progress is coming slowly; just keep in mind that success always follows a period of patient waiting. Date your heart out, but know that new romances may fizzle out fast. Use your time this year to work on yourself as you try to define what you really want in a partner.


Anxiety could get the best of you when the chips are down this year. More than ever, now is an excellent time to start exercising if you've gotten out of the habit of doing so. Find a positive outlet for your stress and dive into healthy habits. Get clear about what you can give up when it comes to unhealthy eating, smoking, drinking and the like. You'll need your energy this year -- don't waste it away. Find some sort of meditation practice. It doesn't have to be religious or even spiritual; you can simply stare at the wall for ten minutes a day. Whatever you do, just give your head some space to be clear, as this will help you make better decisions.


Did you overspend over the course of the last 12 months? If so, it's time to put a lid on it. Surely you can learn to do without a few things. While you may not get ahead this year, you can certainly make wise financial decisions. You may want to consider hiring a tax accountant or someone similar to help get your financial house in order. Stay close to home and avoid offshore investments or get-rich-quick schemes -- your best approach is to simplify. Create a weekly budget and have your spouse or best friend keep you accountable. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Whilst the Dragon year 2012 has mixed energy for the Dog, you can make it a very good year. Michael has gone through so many Chinese years with such bad predictions for the Dog and always survived; the secret to good Feng Shui is being aware of potential problems and changing your lifestyle. Please be aware this year that you should avoid risky investments and avoid lending money to anyone although on the other hand you should be more chartable and make some donations to a good charity as the rewards for good gestures will come back to you.

I am sure there are many Dogs that are really looking forward to 2012, There may be many dogs that tend to worry a lot in 2012 but you should realise that if you share this problem with a loved one or friend, the problem will not seem as severe and will be a great deal easier to solve; try to communicate with others when you are in doubt in 2012 and this will work to your advantage.

Work may over stress you and, as such, do take extra care with your health by eating healthily and getting plenty of exercise; There may be a few late nights this year where you are wrapped up in your work but don’t go for the easy option and get a take away. You must take care of what you eat this year and if you live in a hotter country please be aware of food poisoning relating to food left out in the heat. You may also find that arguments abound in the year so stay in control and do not act rashly or there will be many regrets.

Watch what you eat and if your lifestyle is quick TV dinners, you must allow for this and eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. My advice this year is take it easy and look before you leap. You should also be very careful to note that you should keep an open eye for new romance as there is a great chance for Dogs to find new love in the Dragon year.

With regards to wealth, business and career, 2012 can be a year of seeds you planted over the last few years which will now blossom, so please make the most of this year as the wind is behind you with regards to wealth. Do not think though that all this means you can just sit back and let the good times happen, hard work is still needed by you.

Boar /Pig

04 Feb 1935-23 Jan 1936
22 Jan 1947-09 Feb 1948
08 Feb 1959-27 Jan 1960
27 Jan 1971-15 Feb 1972
13 Feb 1983-01 Feb 1984
31 Jan 1995-18 Feb 1996

18 Feb 2007-6 Feb 2008


After an extremely favorable Rabbit year, you'd expect a letdown, but that's not likely. Here come another 11 favorable months for you, and you're likely to be in the center of a lot of action! You might find the pace to be a bit much at times, but if you go with it, you'll score some major successes. It's time to take risks, and you want to be especially bold when it comes to education, travel, networking and communication, as these can all flourish in a Water year. If you were smart last year, you kept in step with the Rabbit's slower pace. If you didn't, you might want to start this year somewhat deliberately before revving up your engines and flying with the Dragon!


Hopefully you sowed plenty of seeds last year. Now, are you finally ready to reap a harvest?Your career will pick up, but it's looking to be the kind of year where you will have take initiative -- and possibly step outside your comfort zone -- to make it happen. Demand what you deserve. Take new opportunities. Be bold and confident if you decide to switch careers. The Dragon is all about unleashing your enterprising self, so what are you waiting for? With your excellent interpersonal skills, this could indeed be the start of something truly great for you! Best of all, it's likely your skill set -- and your salary -- will increase. You deserve it.


Did you have nice, quiet time in your relationship last year? Well, the Dragon is about to barge in and shake things up -- although not necessarily in a bad way. The Dragon loves big changes and drama. Is there a wedding in your future? Time to finally end a relationship that's gone stale? This year is about getting real when it comes to love. Don't expect to be able to beat around the bush -- just be honest about what you need and you may get it. If you're single, this might be a whirlwind of a time for you. Romance? Passion? Drama? Absolutely, all three! Know this, though: Romances that start now might burn out quickly, so save your heart for the right person.


Most of the upcoming year is looking encouraging for you. Health-wise, keep up the great work; in fact, it might be a good year to push yourself even further. You know that wall you haven't been able to break through with your fitness level? It's time to power through and knock it down! Similarly, how about those eating habits you've been meaning to change? If you aren't careful, you could lose energy and vitality in a very busy year. Pamper yourself with enough alone time, well-cooked meals and the freshest ingredients you can find. A healthy body and clear mind can launch you further into success this year!


Two years in a row of mucho moolah! Well, maybe not a ton ... but you're likely starting to earn a bigger salary while finding new ways to make money. Keep at it this year. This is a good time to rise in the ranks with your job. If you play your cards right, you could end up far ahead in 2013. Keep budgeting and putting away money for necessary purchases this year. Once your bank account is in great shape, you might be tempted to spend, spend, spend. Indulge a little bit, but save more.

I am sure you have come across some websites or books predicting 2012 to be a bad and unsettled year for the Pig but I do not think it will be that bad at all. There will be some things you need to be aware off but providing you follow this advice and also our annual flying star advice the year should be okay.

You must be very careful signing contracts and make sure you get them double checked by a loved one or professional. With regards to wealth, business and career, 2012 can be a year of seeds you planted over the last few years which will now blossom, so please make the most of this year. Pigs born in 1971Should be careful with big equipment in 2012 and should try to avoid using dangerous machinery where possible this year.

For the Pig in business and career this year will promising but you should remember to keep a very positive attitude towards work and do not be afraid to put in the extra effort as the rewards can be very good in 2012 for hard working Pigs. In business you may also be offered a partnership and you should look at this as being positive, ensure you spend time looking over any small print on contracts. Relationships with current loved ones can grow stronger in 2012 by having a good understand for your loved one and making allowances at times to spend quality time together throughout the year; this could be a trip away but please do not spend more than you can afford. Single Pigs have a strong chance of building a strong new romantic relationship in the Dragon year.

The secret for all Pigs this year is money will come in but you have to make sure you keep hold of it. You may find the year brings a few challenges but you will overcome them and the problems you had in 2011 will be resolved even though new problems may take their place, you will look at the year in November 2012 and say “it really wasn’t that bad”. PS Do not forget to say “thank you” they are two small words but have such a big impact on people’s lives. Please be sure to take extra care with your health by eating healthily and getting plenty of exercise; Watch what you eat and if your lifestyle is quick TV dinners, you must allow for this and eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.


Lucky ElementHow good is my luck in 2012?
  MetalWhen Metal is under Water. People cannot see the Metal, unless they watch carefully into Water. Also, Water can protect Metal, if a strong Fire element is around. Therefore the luck of 2012 is fine.
  WaterIt's very good, 2012 is a strong Water year. There is nothing can stop the luck coming to you. You can feel it and people can see good luck over you all the time.
  WoodIt's good. Water can help Wood (tree) growing. That means Wood can become strong with the support of Water. But if the birth chart already has lots of Water, then Wood might be rooted out when extra Water comes. Luckily, Dragon contains Earth and Wood, which can help Wood survive in the Water.
  FireIt's not good. Fire is afraid of Water. When too much Water comes, then Fire has a chance to be extinguished. That implies many pressures will come in 2012. Depending on the relationship between Fire and Day Master, Fire might be related to money, career, reputation or health. This is a year to watch for safety.
 EarthIt's fair. Lots of Water can flash away Earth and make Water dirty. Luckily, Dragon contains Earth. Therefore, the luck of 2012 cannot last too long, but the opportunity is always around. You will have better luck between the change of seasons.

Day Master TypeWhat will happen in 2012?
  MetalWater represents your outlook or expression to show the public. So it is related to performance, speech, behavior , freedom and fame. Therefore, your social life will increase. You will have many opportunity to show your talent. People will talk about you. If you have a positive attitude, then you should earn a good reputation from people. If you don't have a strong mind and don't have confidence about yourself, then people might not paint you in the same light. More than likely, taking care of such a busy life will consume your energy when you have many activities with people.
Dragon contains Earth. Earth is the mother element of Metal. So Earth is connected to your parents, teachers or someone who supports you. It also related to your health, protection, housing or education.
If your Metal is weak, then you will receive the help from people who support you. They also give you compliments about your behavior.
If your Water is strong, then your friends will provide you different advice or suggestions very often. Those opinions can confuse you and lead you to make the wrong decision or investment. If you cannot please your friends, then they may bring you a bad reputation. In general, you will have a mixed reputation in 2012.
  WaterWater represents your friends, siblings or same generation relatives. The 2012 events will connected to them and spend most of time with them. You will have more energy in social activities. If Water is your Lucky Element, then you will get lots of courage and support from your siblings or friends. If you are doing business, then your friends or business partners will help you to bring in more income. If Water is your Unlucky Element, then your friends or relatives will bring you trouble. They might ask for a loan, or you may be forced to spend money on them.
The major element of Dragon is Earth. Water is afraid of Earth. Earth brings pressure on Water. So Earth represents law, career, boss or position. If you have a lot of Water in the birth chart, then Dragon will bring a job opportunity. If you waste money in spending, Dragon will give you advice on how to save money. If someone wants to borrow money from you, then sometimes Dragon will help you to say no. If you have a little Water in the birth chart, your friends and siblings will fully support you when you face trouble in career, argument or lawsuit.
In general, 2012 will be a very good year for people whose Water element score is low. The high score Water people need a conservative attitude in the Water Dragon year.
  WoodWater is the mother element of Wood. Water represents parents, mentors, elders, protection, teachers, knowledge, education, medicine and/or health. Therefore, people who care you a lot will often be in contact with you in 2012. They will give you good support and good reputation. You will earn a lot of knowledge from their advice, and bring up your confidence. This will help your career development or money investment. But if Water is your Unlucky Element, then either they cannot give you good recommendations or you cannot accept their opinions. This might result in bad decision making and you might lose career or money opportunities.
Dragon is Earth, which is related to money and wealth. Therefore something to do with money, finance or investment will also happen to you in 2012. If you have strong Wood, you will have more chances to increase your income or investment. If you have enough money, then you can think about the investment on housing, which is connected to Water.
Dragon also contains Wood and Water. Wood will become stronger. If you have high score Wood in the birth chart, then you should watch for your words and deeds, otherwise bad reputation might come to you very soon. Also, there is a chance of poor health.
  FireWater can extinguish the Fire. Because of this, Water brings pressure to Fire. Therefore, Water is related to your career, position, boss, teacher, police or law. This is not a good sign for career and health unless you have very strong Fire in the birth chart. But you shouldn't have too much trouble, if your Day Master is Female Fire . This is because Female Fire and Male Water  of 2012 have attraction relationship into Wood. That means pressure becomes protection, or we can say that Female Fire knows how to handle the pressure from Male Fire. This is a sign of a good people relationship. If you are a woman, then this is a year for love relationship. If you are lucky, then it might end up a marriage.
If your Day Master is Male Fire Male Wood, then you should think about patience, safety and conservativeness in the Water Dragon year.
Dragon is Earth, which is the Child Element of Fire. That implies Fire will give away its energy to Earth. So Earth will make Fire weak. If both Water and Dragon can weaken the Fire, then you need to watch for your health, safety, career and lawsuit. You shouldn't involve into to any competition or argument. You should to watch your behavior and stay alert to prevent accidents.
Wood is the Mother Element of Fire. When trouble is coming in 2012. Fire should look for Wood for help since Wood can overcome Earth and Wood can pass Water energy to Fire.
 EarthWater represents money or wealth to Earth. Therefore the major event in 2012 will be money related. If you have strong Earth in your birth chart, then money opportunity is around you all year long. Your income, investment and wealth will increase quickly. But if you have a weak Earth in the birth chart, then money trouble will come to you soon. Therefore you shouldn't do any risky investments. There is no easy money. You have to earn money the hard way. You probably should not loan money to friends. It is also advisable to not loan money for investments, either. Otherwise, money opportunities will become debts.
Dragon contains Earth. Earth is related to friends, relatives, coworkers or business partners. All friendship or people relationship will become the money relationship. Either they will help you to bring in more income or help you to spend your money. Water is an opposite element of Earth. If Water can bring in money, then Earth will spend money out. If Water can waste your money, then Earth can help you to earn some back. In short, 2012 will be the year of money going in and out.

compatibility signsRatOxTigerRabbitDragonSnakeHorseGoatMonkeyRoosterDogPig
According to Chinese Astrology, the twelve zodiac animal signs have been segragated into four groups. The purpose behind the grouping is the three group animals have identical thinking according to Chinese schlars. Despite the variable facets of the individual animals, the style of understanding and thinking is aligned.The four groups are:
First Group- Mouse, Dragon, Monkey
All these animals are action oriented ones, they have positive thinking and are high class competitors and are true to their core and character. Mouse is timid and a coward, Dragon is full of courage and self-confidence and of high thinking. He has the ability to understand the intelligence of the Mouse and the cunningness of the Monkey. Monkey needs the intellignece of the Mouse and the courage of the Dragon. Due to the above said factors they are complementary to each other. Here Mouse represents the water element, Dragon the water element and Monkey, the metal element.
Second Group- Buffalo, Snake, Cock
These are deep thinking animals who continue to dwell upon one aspect or the other. They are always conscious about attaining their objective. Buffalo is strong and sturdy, but desires to possess the diplomacy of the Snake. The Cock aspires to possess Snake's alertness and Buffalo's strength. Here the element of Buffalo is earth, element of Snake is fire and that of Cock is metal.
Third group- Tiger, Horse, Dog
They love freedom and hassle free movement. All these animals are quadrupeds and believe firmly in situations of personal ego. Horse requires Tiger's exciteability and Dog's transparency, Tiger needs Dog's sense of duty towards its master and the transparencey and it also needs continuous mobility of the Horse.
Fourth Group- Cat, Goat, Pig
These are all peace loving animals and believe in mutual co-operation. They are neither too zealous and active nor intelligent and also do not believe in accepting challenges and risks as they are highy sensitive animals. They also have great ability to elicit and seek sympathy, hence they are considerate, love and sympathise with each other. Pig requires Cat's crafty cunningness and Goat's civility and humility.



Welcome to the year of the water Dragon, the year of empowerment! 

And Remember:
"Whatever The Mind Can Conceive, It Can Achieve!"

Much Success, Happiness, Health, Wealth and Love to all 
of you from the SACHIKA family! <3

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