Wednesday, February 8, 2012


We are proud to announce that this season,  SACHIKA's Fall/Winter 2012 runway show IVANKA "If We Ever Meet Again" is presented by VUMEE.
Both brands being celebrity driven, SACHIKA X VUMEE is a perfect match!
To-Tam & To-Nya Sachika have their own channel on and they will start posting video blogs on the vumee server often. Check out their channel!

What is VUMEE?

VuMee has over 100 Celebrities and Brands with a cumulative fanbase of over 150 Million and is growing daily. VuMee allows fans to receive emails and SMS alerts from Celebrities notifying them of new videos. Fans can view, tweet, post & share these videos to friends & family. VuMee enables Celebrities, Brands and Fans to be in control of their own videos on their own VuMee channel.
Record it, Name it, Upload it, and Share it.
VUMEE: Video Uploads Monetizing Entertainments Elite

How it works

Check out the SACHIKA TWINS on Vumee:

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