Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Behind The Scenes- of " IVANKA- If We Ever Meet Again" the short film

Ramona Mcgowan in the lead role of IVANKA.

We love movies and have always been very inspired by them. Movies are instant mental travels...they can take you anywhere in the universe in matters of minutes only. As artists who truly enjoy and appreciate all kinds of arts, we've always dreamt of one day making our own movie. Finally, after years of contemplating the idea, our dream came to reality! We recently made our first movie with the tremendous help of talented actor/director Matias Desiderio.

For our recent NYFW Fall 2012 collection, we decided to merge fashion with cinema, inspiring our entire collection off our muse off our imagination, the fictive character of IVANKA. She is a Russian secret agent....very dangerous and mysterious. To immerse our audience into the character, context and story, we produced the short film    " IVANKA- If We Ever Meet Again". It was such a big challenge as we a few days to write, cast, shoot and edit the whole projet...but we made it!!!  We have to say, it would have never made possible without the help of our precious crew!

We must thank everyone involved:

Director: Matias Desiderio | www.matiasdesiderio.com
Director of photography: Carlos Larrazabal | www.carloslarrazabal.com
Assistant to the DP: Amparo de Miguel | www.vimeo.com/38462969
Assistant to the DP: Jose Chairez | www.zynderia.com
Story written by: Matias Desiderio and the SACHIKA TWINS
Sound and Music engineer: Don Parma and co | Don Parma
IVANKA role: Ramona Mcgowan | www.facebook.com/ramona.mcgowan
JUAN role: Matias Desiderio | www.matiasdesiderio.com
Costume designer: SACHIKA LLC | www.SACHIKA.com
Film locations provided by: www.creativeenvironments.net | 
Hair and makeup stylist: Carly Wise | Carly Wise
Production coordinator: Ha Thi Kim | www.hathikimpr.com
Produced by "Buenos Angeles Productions" and "SACHIKA TWINS Entertainment"

Here are some behind-the-scene photos taken with our phones.


Carlos Larrazabal ( Left), Ramona Mcgowan ( center),
 actor/director Matias Desiderio and To-Nya Sachika

Amparo de Miguel (left), Matias Desiderio (center) and Jose Chairez (right)

The whole crew at lunch break

Don Parma, the master behind the sound and music

Location of the shoot: 1726 North Spring street, Los Angeles, 90012


Setting up the shoot set

Matias Desiderio directing Ramona Mcgowan in a scene of the movie

Prepping time

Location of the shoot: 1726 North Spring street, Los Angeles, 90012

Cool setting right?

"IVANKA" does eat ! :-)

The infamous off white sequined/faux fur trench coat in " IVANKA - If We Ever Meet Again"

Filming a scene of the pursuit.

Matias Desiderio working on the perfect shot with DP Carlos Larrazabal

Matias Desiderio in the lead role of Juan.

Don Parma

Here is the final product. We hope you all enjoy it as much as we did making it. We loved the experience so much,  you will definitely see more cinematographic work from us in the future. As long as we can keep on creating and expressing ourselves through our work, whether it'd be via fashion, cinema, stills, music or all of the above combined?!... We are happy! 

Follow your heart, follow your bliss ! 

To be continued...IVANKA! 

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