Monday, October 29, 2012

10 "Google" crazy facts from @WTF_crazyfacts on twitter

1) Hugs that last over twenty seconds, release a chemical in your body called "Oxytocin", which makes you trust the person you're hugging more.

2) Guys are more likely to fall in love based upon appearance. Girls are more drawn to a guy's behavior.

3) Scientists say, the key to happiness is spending your money on experiences instead of possessions.

4) Pretending not to care about someone you love can actually cause a great deal of mental strain, increasing risk of depression.

5) Loneliness literally causes you to over think and as you over think, things tend to get worse.

6) Deep breathing throughout the day releases toxins & stress out of your body.

7) People who daydream often tend to be more intelligent and better at solving complex problems.

8) Simply listening to music can literally strengthen your immune system & keep your brain working properly.

9) Psychology claims that you never realize how much you love someone until you lose them.

10) The average person breathes about 21,600 times every day. This draws about 3,100 gallons of air into the lungs every 24 hours.

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