Friday, September 6, 2013

2020 Olympics: Madrid, Istanbul or Tokyo?

The International Olympic Committee are meeting in Buenos Aires to decide whether to award the 2020 Olympic Games to Madrid, Istanbul or Tokyo.

  The Spanish capital of Madrid is proposing a Games on a comparatively modest budget of $2 billion, with the aim of stimulating the economy of a country still wrestling with a financial crisis that has gone on for several years. 

The case for 2020 Olympics Istanbul, with a reported mega-budget of $20 billion, is tantalizingly positioned across two vast markets in Asia and Europe. 

And then there is Tokyo's futuristic pitch epitomized by plans for a space-age Olympic Stadium and the promise of a first "downtown Games."

"Ultimately, it is clear cities are interested in bidding and we have three strong cities in the 2020 race."

Istanbul, Madrid and Tokyo will all be desperate for their cities to write the 2020 chapter of the Olympic tale. Each location will hope to tell its own compelling story. 

 So on Saturday, what will representatives from Istanbul, Madrid and Tokyo come up with to convince IOC members in Buenos Aires that their city should be handed the right to host the 2020 Summer Games? 



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