Monday, October 21, 2013

SACHIKA Opens their Runway Show at L.A. Style Fashion Week with a big BANG with a Contortionist Catwoman Performance.

On Monday, October 14th, SACHIKA's spring/summer 2014 collection named "Fearlessly Sensual" was unveiled at Style Fashion Week. This strong collection with a dominatrix and  "S&M" feel was nothing short of amazing.

SACHIKA's introduction of the show opened with a big bang, featuring two cat-women gracefully appearing on stage, dancing and bending their bodies for the crowd. Monique Ziering and Vanessa Nichole are the artists behind the captivating performance. Their sultry and and sensual dance movements up and down the catwalk included the use of ribbons, making their performance even sexier. The audience was immediately drawn and immersed into the dominatrix world of SACHIKA.

Here some pictures capturing of the cat-women opening act  of the fashion show:

The SACHIKA fashion show for Style Fashion Week proved to be a huge success, with the help of the outstanding performance of the cat-women. Thank you, Monique Ziering and Vanessa Nichole!! Your performance was definitely a crowd pleaser!

Thank you to all our sponsors and affiliates:

Title sponsor: Avita 
Beauty sponsor: Morena Bella Skincare
Key Makeup Artistry: ArieBella Studio
Hair: Prive Hair
Jewelry by: Senhoa
Bondage gears by : The Stockroom
Shoes: Alejandra G and Luichiny
Fashion show music mixed by: Catherine Ouellette
Original music engineered by Don Parma
PR by : Ha Thi Kim PR
Video intro by: Derrick Oliver 
Cat women Intro performance by Monique Ziering and Vanessa Nichole
All male and female models

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