Thursday, October 31, 2013

VERONICA WELCH on the Cover of Downtown LA Examiner

Veronica Welch is the Co-Founder/Owner of Style Fashion Week, President of BubbleFish Media, Actress and to top it all off a new mom to one month old son Rambo! SACHIKA had the pleasure of dressing Veronica on two occasions at Style Fashion Week, now known as the Official LA Fashion Week as of this season!!!! 

Veronica in her SACHIKA dress, the Sharona dress at STYLE FASHION WEEK

Veronica Welch on the Front Cover of Downtown Examiner LA

Veronica wearing the SACHIKA SS14 Kendall dress with To-Tam and To-Nya

BubbleFish Media is Veronica's first baby which she started in 2008,  a full-service PR Marketing firm providing clients unrivaled promotional and marketing services. BubbleFish Media specialize in all areas including: Event Production, Brand Consulting and Development, Sales and Showroom Management, Talent Management, Product Placement and Promotions, and Social Media Marketing Management. Their goal is to maximize brand exposure, generate sales, and secure top-tier media placement for our clientele. 

Just three years later Veronica with partner Karim Atash debuted Style Fashion Week on March of 2011 presenting Fall 2011. What started with 9 LA based designers in 2011 is now 50 designers just three years later in 2013. Style Fashion Week was "initially regarded as the new kids on the block, Style Fashion Week LA has made a global impact on the fashion scene by presenting fashion in new ways, merging interior design with fashion design, and giving Los Angeles based designers a world-class platform to showcase their collections. SFW represents the diverse culture that embodies the people of L.A., making the City of Angels a fashion hub, and being a leader in the world’s fashion community 
where it belongs." 

Veronica is happy to annouce Style Fashion Week is now the Offical LA Fashion Week

On September 12, 2013 just a little over one month until the 5th season of Style Fashion Week events were to start Veronica gave birth to her son Arie Rambo Jay Kerzner! Rambo  was in attendance for Style Fashion Week on October the 13th, 2013.

 Rambo's 1st Red Carpet at Style Fashion Week with his mom & dad!

Baby Rambo backstage with Mommy Veronica Before the Show

Veronica has put her mind to putting Style Fashion Week LA on the map and has plans to expand Style Fashion Week to Chicago and Shanghai, New York. She definitely earns the title ULTIMATE SACHIKA WOMAN!

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