Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Prom Dress Picks by SACHIKA TWINS

Prom season is back and SACHIKA knows how important it is for everyone who's waiting years for this glorifying moment. What makes or breaks a prom evening can only start with The Dress. Although SACHIKA can custom make any design or design for any occasion, custom dresses are definitely pricier than ready to wear dresses. You can still look like a million buck without emptying your wallet!

And don't forget these key points when choosing your dress:

1) Choose a silhouette according to your body type and assets. What are your best assets? Show them. Are you a pear shape? Apple shape? Athletic? This plays a major role in what style to choose.

2) Choose a color that will complement your skin stone and hair color. Don't wear white if you are pale. Prom is your time to shine! Stand out from the bunch and shine bright! 

3) When buying a dress ahead of time, make sure your diet will maintain the weight that fits the dress. Nothing is more horrific than not fitting into your prom dress!

4) Don't forget to accessorize but don't over accessorize either! Make sure the jewelry, heels and clutch will complement the dress and your features and not work against it.

5) Make sure you are comfortable enough in your outfit. Beauty starts within so it you can't breathe, you won't radiate beauty as you would when feeling great.

6) Think about the undergarments to go with your prom dress. Do you need shaper? a strapless bra? pasties? consider those when purchasing a dress and get ready.

7) Long, short, 2 pieces....there are no rules when it comes to fashion and looking great. Don't be afraid to choose an outstanding outfit because you deserve the shine and all the lifetime memories.

8) There are beautiful dresses for all wallet sizes. It's not the monetary value of the dress that matters, but the value it carries when on you! REMEMBER!

9) Smile! PROM an amazing accomplishment in life and only happens once...Enjoy!

Here are some great dresses the SACHIKA TWINS personally hand picked while surfing the net. 

Glamorous and elegant

Fun and Flirty

Dreamy Goddess 

Vintage Beauty

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