Friday, June 13, 2014

Most Stylish Pregnant Celebs

Most Stylish Pregnant Women

What to wear when you're expecting?

I believe that all phases of a woman's life should be celebrated and embraced to the fullest. From a child to a teenager, to young lady, to full-blown woman, to a bride and even when you are a-mom-to be!!!
Those 9-months will never be forgotten so why not dress unforgettable? Style is timeless, seasonless and definitely ageless! Here are our favorites pregnant celebs style moments!


Well, that is one hot MOMMY! Jessica Alba is one of those VERY lucky women who dont' put on weight when pregnant. The only that was growing was her belly, everything else remained intact. Lucky Bish!!! Well, since her arms and shoulders were still  very toned and well defined, Jessica was clever in choosing dresses that were showing her small limbs yet loose at in the stomach area. We almost couldn't tell she was ever pregnant! 


Kate is the MOST adorable pregnant woman!!! I mean she looks like pure royalty :) Kate was stylish throughout her pregnancy, wearing beautiful hats and matching outfits without looking like she was trying to either show or hide her pregnancy. Every outfit just complemented her figure in such an effortless way. She is always classy and perfectly styled! Will she be expecting another baby soon? We hope so...because we'd love to see more of those amazing outfits! Wink !


We absolutely love Ciara pregnant!!! She looked better than ever! Her style was classy but always with an edge and an inch of sassiness. We feel like her true fashion style came to life as she was growing life inside of her! Not to mention that Ciara was always glowing and super happy! We think that love is the best makeup for Ciara! Congrats on your babyboy superstar! We hope she keeps the same sense of fashion now that she gave birth!

Who's your fave pregnant celeb?

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