Thursday, April 9, 2009

Addicted to it!.....

Here we go...we find ourselves just few hours before our next show!...Everytime, this rushed feeling of wanting to accomplish more, to surpass ourselves, to be better and better is overwhelming and....ADDICTIVE! This is the adrenaline we fear and at the same time, LOVE!

Its amazing...that energy and inexplicable superpower that we get from this rush...we can loose sleep, forget about eating, forget about time...we forget almost about everything...the only thing we see ahead of us is this next project! It is now 10:20pm and we are not nearly much to do...we need more time, time...that clock keeps ticking and we know we won't be sleeping much tonight! The nerve wrecking moments, the anticipation, the vision....its my FUEL!

In the end, I am so grateful for having drive and ambition and no matter what you do, please do enjoy it...cause the journey is much more important than the destination!

"Live with passion...."

SACHIKA for life baby!


  1. I am addicted to gooey ice cream, in particular, Pistachio and Pralines and Cream mixed together. Once i start i can't stop, even licking the spoon it is soooo good.

  2. uh oh!!! We might the same addiction as you too!!!...Love Pistachio ice creamy, buttery, nutty and crunchy....yummy..heaven

  3. Yum....Love Pistachio Ice Cream too! I have an editorial with the model eating Pistachio Ice Cream in Coney Island... Coney Island Color!

    Great Shoot, lot's of fun!

    Pamela Taylor
    Makeup Artist