Sunday, June 21, 2009

Surprise Bday Party for Itzy!!!

So, who is Itzy?!

Itzy is our Managing director at Citi-Habitats where we've been doing Real Estate in Manhattan for now almost two years. So for those who didn't know, we are also real estate agents. This is how we are able to fund SACHIKA...Thanks to Citi-Habitats and to Itzy... :)

Itzy is a beautiful woman. Inside out. She exudes confidence and sophistication. She is classy, intelligent, witty, professional and she knows how to close deals... She is a TRUE SACHIKA woman...if we talk about Itzy, then we must also talk about Ann. Ann Mytrofaniuk is our assistant manager and she is Itzy right-hand person. Both are simply delightful women. They are always there to help everyone and they make sure we PRODUCE!!! Together, Itzy and Ann are like Batman and Robin, a perfect real estate management tag team. Lol.

Ann came up with the idea of doing a seemingly " All white P, Diddy Party" for Itzy surprise party. She organized, coordinated and prepared everything. It was definitely well put together and with lots of love and care. We love you Ann!

The call time was 6pm for everyone at the Party Room at The Caledonia on 17th st and 10th ave, yes, right accross from the club 1Oak where we launched SACHIKA back in January.

Itzy arrived a little after 730pm and we made sure the doormen gave her a real tough time to get in ( hey, its P Diddy's party!!! lol)...She walked in and LOOKED really surprised...hehe...( Great acting Itzy- you're too smart to not have known a party was waiting for you! wink*)...We were all in suspense for a reallly really long time...and all yelled SURPPPPRRIISE when she came in! lol....We got the " Suprise Face" we wanted! :)

The party was a blaaaaaaaast! Colleagues getting drunk, dancing, shouting, singing....for once, we were not trying to negotiate our fee or trying to close a deal(real estate deals, others? who knows!) lol...Letting loose once in a while is totally.....GREAT! :)
I must say, there was sooooo much was amazing! Everyone seemed to have brought something and it was all layed out beautifully! Many people prepared their favorite dish or specialty dish...Omari's chicken wings....hmmmm DELICIOUS...we don't eat meat but licked the skin and tasted the amazing seasoning! One of our colleagues, Henry Ota, got pretty wasted...and he was....definitely enjoying himself....and a little too much maybe?! lol

What a fun evening of unwinding, dancing, catching up and laughing! It was so good to see everyone at Citi 11 (by far the best office of Citi) and Itzy of course, reunited. We are really a family and it is so great to work with people with such great energies and auras.

After all, our real family is in Canada, so Citi 11, you are our second family in the US! ;)

Feeling blessed!

Enojy the pictures of the evening folks!

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