Wednesday, July 1, 2009

SACHIKA mourns The KING of POP at the APOLLO THEATRE, "Off the Wall"

The world has lost a true legend: Michael Jackson left countless people in deceit, anger, sadness and agony since his sudden death on June 25th 2009. The King of Pop has left for " Nerverland"...

Ever since we were young, there was never a doubt of this great artist, The GREAT Michael Jackson who came up with unmatched melodies, launched MTV, redefined video clips and created the moonwalk. He graced every podium and sold records of CDS...Pop will never be the same with you, Micheal...

Few days after his death, we decided to venture to the Apollo as news kept broadcasting hundreds of people at the Apollo t pay Tribute to The King of Pop". It was truly an touching and emotional experience. There were people crying, chanting, dancing...all were acknowledging the loss of a true LEGEND. Its sad to see what fame and money can drive people to do...Michael Jackson, as genius, talented, successful and admired as he was, did not lead the peaceful and enchanting life one can see on the outside. He clearly was a target for many greedy and ruthless souls...Dependent on drugs/medication to ease some of the stress, Michael was quick to fall into a dark and obscure lifestyle. Can we blame him for all?...

Nevertheless, we only saw warm hearts reminiscing of this prodigious child who contributed to the black culture, created unparalleled music and whose life a true inspiration! You will be missed MJ!!!!!

" The future is never promised so make the best of the present moment". This is the true lesson we should all learn from this tragic worldwide news.
R.I.P Michael Jacskon!

Our note on the tribute wall for Micheal Jackson At the Apollo.

To-Tam writing on the wall.

To-Nya writing on the wall.

A die-hard fan kept on saying this was the REAL Michael Jackson...
Flowers for Michael

Letters for Michael and his family

Thousands came to write on the wall dedicated to Michael Jackson

Some local street vendors selling t-shirts, cds, posters of Michael Jackson

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