Monday, July 20, 2009

I finally walked the Brooklyn Bridge!

I had the chance to finally walk the bk bridge last weekend! It was a such a nice experience; I almost felt like a tourist as people from all around the word were also there, walking the bridge for the 1st time.

Picture with real tourists! LOL

I wanted to go for a walk for a change as oppose to going to the gym on a beautiful hot day. It was so relaxing and stress-free to walk by myself and to have nothing on my mind but the simple thought of appreciating the present moment, observing the people around me and looking at things from an unknown eye. I also had the chance to reflect of my life goals and directions( that is a true luxury nowadays!),appreciate true beauty and get a nice little tan!

Almost half way!

Half way on the bridge, I leaned to gaze at the gorgeous skylight and closed my eyes to let the warm wind caress my skin....That was the best moment of the experience! I could imagine myself being somewhere else in the word and it completely disconnected me from my every day life!

Proud moment! hehe

What a great feeling!!!

Im in Brooklyn! :P

It is okay to free fall once in a while! Wink*

When I got off the bridge, just in front of City Hall, I noticed a crowd gathered around a man. As I got closer, I realized that man was actually " painting" via spray paint amazing scenery of NYC, the statue of Liberty, the Bk Bridge! The challenge was do the whole artwork in a song-length time! People would tell the color scheme they wanted and the general idea of the scenery ( moon, water, buildings, etc) and he would execute the artwork for the ridiculous amount on $20!!!!! I HAD to have my own piece of art, especially to commemorate my 1st walk on the Bk Bridge!!! His name was Simon Walton, from the UK and he has been doing this at the same spot for over 10 years! I asked him to have a picture of the bk Bridge, the moon ( My name in Vietnamese actually represents the name of a legendary moon princess!), and the famous NYC buildings. I chose the color scheme of Jade ( my favorite color!!!). What can I say....I watched him as he executed the " Master Piece" with such ease and confidence....all of it on a song-length of time! I love my master piece! :P

True artists like Simon deserve to be recognized for their immense talent and passion...People like him Make NYC the unique City we claim to be!
Thank You Simon!!!

Simon doing what he does best!

Only a few minutes later! WOW! :)

To have your own piece of art, take the 6, 5, 4 train to the station Bk Bridge/City Hall. It will be the best 20$ you can ever spend :) Email him for inquiries:
Here is a great project he is currently working on:

It feels great to wander the streets of NYC like a visitor once in a while...Everything is about perspective! I saw New York from a different angle that day...a better one should I say? Lesson learned? Lets not take anything for granted!


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