Tuesday, July 28, 2009


The SACHIKA newest ad video is up...and lets say we tried to stay away from ORDINARY and BORING...LOL. As many of you know, SACHIKA is our clothing label.

Yes, we are selling dresses not the beach, the guy, the car or the girls...lol...This is a DIZZY ad...wearing a SACHIKA dress empowers women....lol

It was smoking hot that day in California, Venice beach and so we decided to have fun! WHY NOT?!!!....The ad plays with fantasy, lust, power and...twins!...Holmes Lindsay is an amazing actor, he's done great work in plays, tv and movies. I did a play with him two years ago here in New York, and boy, he was phenomenal. We bumped into him while in Cali and sparked an idea about this ad!...It's a very..hmmm...sexy ad...we were in the mood you know? Just kidding...California dream...It was a bold and spontaneous decision....Hope it's not too DARING for your eyes...lol

Oh and did we mention that Cyril Mahe aka NIROSHIMA did a wonderful job with the editing?

SACHIKA MIRAGE AD from cyril mahe on Vimeo.

Direcetd by : C.Mahe

Music by : Niroshima

" The Real Twins of NYC"

" The SACHIKA Twins"

SACHIKA " For The Modern Woman"





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