Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Emmy's 61st Award Red Carpet: The Best and Worse dresses

Best dresses:

Perrey Reeves from "Entourage".

Shimmery and glitsy yet very classy.

Lindsay Price from "Eastwick".

This is the in color: purple and plum. Asymetrical and flowy. Perfect.

Worst dresses

Shar Jackson. Just too busy, shiny and unfortunately tacky.

Leighton Meester from from "Gossip Girl".The shoulder ruffles just don't work and the fit is wrong.Unfortunately,the dress makes her look much older.

Kim Kardashian from " Keeping up with the Kardashian".

Besides from the body wearing the dress, the dress is out of trend. It doesn't look expensive and the hair doesn't suit her face although she still looks stunning.

Christina Applegate from "Samantha Who". A for Effort, but it's too busy and heavy...

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