Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Real Housewife of New York City launches skincare product line: Tru Renewal!!!

Ramona Singer presents Tru Renewal

Tru Renewal by Ramona Singer

Leticia Reyes, Ramona Singer and To-Nya Ton-Nu

I had the privilege to attend the launching of Tru Renewal, the newest skincare product line by Ramona Singer from Bravo's TV Reality Show: The Real Housewives of New York City.
Ramona Singer is known for being the business-minded housewife of the bunch. Between running her business R.M.S. Fashions, as well as her line of jewelry, "True Faith" her newest business ventures include developing an anti-aging skin care line - Tru Renewal - and also a line of estate-like jewelry that will be sold on HSN in March and April.

The launching event of Tru Renewal was held at Equinox on 2nd ave and 74th street of the Upper East Side of Manhattan on Tuesday October 20th. The event was in a very modest and simple setting, where only few people were invited. The whole cast of the show was present except for Bethenny Frankel: Alex McCord, Jill Zarin, Kelly Killoren Bensimon, LuAnn de Lesseps and of course Ramona Singer. Other notable personalities present were Dereck and Johnny of, Pop Artist/signer Kelli Pyle (, Melissa Russo Meyers of, Marigo Mihalos of , Tia Walker of and Simon van Kempen ( Alex McCord's husbanb).

The Real Housewives of New York City being REAL!

To-Nya interviews Dereck (

Dereck ( Kelli Pyle (

The show must go on!

To-Nya Ton-Nu interviews Kelli Pyle

Kelli Pyle wearing SACHIKA (dress and necklace)and To-Nya Ton-Nu

Kelli Pyle sings for us!

Tru Renewal was developed following Ramona's frustrations of not finding suitable products for her skin.

" I have been using skin care products religiously for the past 15 years, and I've tried all of the leading product lines out there, but nothing seemed to work. They would either strip my face to the point of irritation, or the regimen just took too long. I told myself that there must be a better way, and that's when I decided to create my own skin care line."

Ramona worked with world-renowned chemist to come up with eco-friendly, natural ingredients that won't irritate the skin. The result? Green algae. Green algae contains natural sources of vitamin C and provides valuable antioxidants. It builds collagen and reduces the look of wrinkles to give you an overall radiant and more youthful appearance.

The event had a table with the products -freshly packaged in a green- eco feel color scheme- for guests to sample. I tried the Ultra Repair Cream on my hand - My skin got smoother and the citrus smells was just very pleasant!

Through my interview with Ramona, she flaunted the fact that all her friends noticed a difference in their skin within weeks of using True Renewal. The product line is composed of 4 products: The Ultra Repair Cream with algae Enzyne ( which she recommended to try 1st), The Oxygenated Algae Boost with Liquid Oxigen, Vitamin C and Seaweed, the Ultimate Eye Repair with Retino and finally the Gentle Gel Cleanser with Algae Extract.

Ramona Singer talks about Tru Renewal to To-Nya Ton-Nu

Ramona claims to be a huge fanatic of fashion but says that " True Beauty Starts Within". What a beautiful way to encourage everyone to take care of their skin!
Tru Renewal is available for purchase at Equinox at 1429 2nd avenue (74th street) and on her website

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